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    Hi all, just been looking at the loading data for the .223 and no doubt realised that this a fast flying little projectile. I was just wondering what the life expectancy of a .223 rem barrel would be?

    And while i'm here, i live in Australia and after a new rifle around the $650 mark in .223. What brands should i be looking at around this price?
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    There are several brands of rifles that chamber .223rem. Starting from the H&R/NEA braekopen and getting into Kimber/AR types so the price range is open.While the .223rem. is probably the cheapest to buy ammo for and has a pbr of about 300yds(for varmints)I do not believe it is the best choice in the .222rem case family.The .204Ruger shoots a flatter pbr and about equals .22-250 specs.But ammo is higher and you really need to reload to get the best out of both cal,s..The one important point I would look for with the .bolt action .223 is that to utilise the best bullets for long range you should have a 1in9" twist barrel.I made the mistake of having a custom barrel made in 1in12" twist and it limits me to 50gr hpbt or 55gr hpfb bullets.A fast twist will stabilise light bullets but a slower twist will not stabilise heavier bullets.In 1in9"twist with normal shooting and not letting the barrel heat too much(you should be able to touch it comfortably at all times)the lifespan is almost endless as long as you learn to clean properly and dont get carried away with it.I get the best out of a varmint class 26" barrel but shorter (20") work about as well if loaded for the shorter barrels.It is a great cal. and hard to beat in the .22 varmint class. sam.

  3. The .223 is an excellent cartridge, and is not at all a barrel burner. It is not suitable for deer however.

    This article which uses the same method I came up with and posted here rates it quite low on the barrel burning scale.

    Defining “Overbore” Cartridges via Comparative Index AccurateShooter.com Bulletin

    The formula I posted earlier and using 23 grains of poweder barrel life comes out at about 3600 rounds. If you figure out what that will cost in ammo, barrel life becomes fairly insignificant.

    For guns with the US dollar low it would seem like a good time to buy US - Savage or Remington make lots of nice guns in this caliber. This is a varmint caliber so make sure you get a varmint gun with a heavy barrel.

    For a lower priced gun I would suggest this one:

    Savage Arms Model 25 Lightweight Varminter Thumbhole

    For a higher priced tack driver, this one:

    Savage Arms Model 12 Long Range Precisison Varminter (Repeater)

    There are a lot of other choices, and I'm not sure what your selection is in Australia.

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    I'm looking for a .223 myself, and here's the one I have settled on. It has a single set trigger and is known for it's quality and accuracy. All I've know who have purchased CZ products have been very happy with them. Good Luck!



  5. You may want to read this thread:

    Centerfire Accuracy Question??? - RimfireCentral.com Forums

    Part way through he shows photos of the bore ID at the muzzle. Kind of ugly... What is so amazing is why the poster does not return the gun.

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    My 9 yr old daughter has took several deer with the 223 single shot and all have fell in there tracks
  7. In Canada both are illegal; a nine year old hunting big game, and a .223 used to hunt deer. While I don't agree with all of our gun laws, I believe those two are valid for good reasons.

  8. I would look at the AR style rifle and a Bushmaster should be in your price range. The Bushmaster will also handle milsurp 5.56 ammo. Good luck either way you go. Don't forget there are also the .223 wsm and wssm.
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    life expectancy of a .223 barrel depends on how you treat it. if your hard on it, 2500rnds. if you treat it nice, you can expect decent accuracy for up to 10,000rnds. best accuracy will fall off before 4000rnds, but will still shoot well after that.
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    I agree,especially if you shorten the barrel,rechamber and headspace,and get the bullet back up near or to the riflings. sam.
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    Thanks guys, what is the AR style?

    .223 for deer? I'm relatively new to rifles and hunting but i know that certainly is underkill....bit inhumane if you ask me.
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    the .223 is a marginal choice for deer. here in the states, some places its legal to use, and in some places its not.
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    Calaper the AR they are referring to is the AR-15 which is the civvy version of the M-16. The AR style rifles come in a variety of styles and calibres. I myself have used both the military and civilian patterns in training (.223 and 9mm Carbine) and they are nice shooting rifles. I myself own a .223 but alas just a slow firing bolt action.
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    Ah, very nice....i live in a country where those rifles are illegal....so please forgive me for my lack of knowledge. Never had a slr...lucky you guys
  15. have a look at the Howa lightning model 1500. Aus $750-$800 good value most of them are tack drivers straight out of the box.
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    I bought a Savage model 10 in .223 about two months ago and I really like it. I think it was about $500 and it came with a scope already mounted. Savage makes good rifles, so you might want to look at one of those.
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    I am in Aus, i use a CZ527 american in 223 and love it.

    My load data ( note this is great for mine but you should work up your own ).

    55gn hornady soft points
    20.5gn ADI's Benchmark 1 (BM1)

    My usual shooting is around the farm out to about 250m.
    My avatar is a photo of my load work up, 4 shots 8mm at 150m plus my usual flyer.

    Hope this helps.
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    Cheers, will take note of your load data anyway. Settled on a cheap beat around rifle. Looking at the stevens in .223.
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    The kid that works with me bought the Howa 1500 (.223) with scope included, I think it was $550 USD and I'll tell you right now what a bargain it is. Extremely accurate, great price, nice looking rifle.