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.22cal Silhouette shooters

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Ha just wanted to know if ther is any .22cal Silhouette shooters out ther. I'd like to get into this sport but havent yet. The rain hear is keeping me from getting out and shooting. But spring is near and I could use some tips about the sport. Thanks
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It's been a long time since I've shot silhouette but I used a TC .22 and CCI match ammo. It is a fun and challenging sport. The Ruger single six is another great silhouette .22.

getting started

To enjoy the sport you need a decent rifle with a good trigger. A bolt action is best. you also need a good scope with at least 12X and finger adjustable elevation adjustments. For the scope, many are suggesting the Simmons #1048 44Mag 6.5-20x44. Go to a match and you will see the rifles. I'm using a Anschutz 64 for standard rifle and a Ruger k10/22-22 for hunter catagory. The Rugers need work to compete. The Anschutz is great out of the box.
Simmons has an 8-32X44 "premium" target scope made in Japan. They are really nice. I have two and I got them from CDNN for $139.99 apiece. I'm familiar with the Simmons 44 mag you're talking about. It's the 44 mag target scope... also a fine choice. Thanks for the input.

The CZ 452 is the cheapest rifle people recomend. I mself have no personal expirience with them. Others like the Savage hvy barrel bolt guns.
Hey 6string,,,, I shot in a match last Sunday, and am going to another this Sunday. I'd be happy to give you any info you would like, just send me a email with your questions, and I'll share all I know, along with some pic's of of some of the guns used at our matches. Just drop me a line and I'll help in any way I can.
silhouett stuff, Hey RMXMAN

Hey guys, if you keep the questions public on the forum we might all learn something new.
rich5674 The best thing RMXMAN34 told me was to practice. He said most guys with top $ rifles only shoot at the match and can't hit the broad side of a broad because thay don't practice. I'm sure he will post some pic's for us all. Thanks.

I myself am a novice at silhouet because I;ve dabled in other shooting sports (highpower rifle, trap, action pistol) I'm serious this year and just aquired good enough equipment so I cant blame bad performance on the gun. So I'm not so far ahead of you but from my other expiriences I;d say RMX is on the $. The only thing I can add is find a good solid position with a natural point of aim and QUALITY practice. that means when you're out of patience and rushing shots, Take a break or quit for the day.Be patient, this sport is not easy. the first years my club shot these matches, many people showed up with bigbuck stuff. Particeipation fell because these people were humbled because they couldnt be great immediatly. Hang in there, its a great game.
I have been praticing the last couple of days. I put a coffe can up on a 2x4 about 100yds away and try just to shot offhand. Man it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Plinking pop cans at 50yds sitting on a stool I can't miss but trying to knock down a coffe can at 100yds standing up is tough. But I'll keep practicing and I know I'll kill that darn can. The first match close to my home is in 2 weeks at this point I feel I'll make a fool of myself. Got to keep practicing.

I like to practice on paper targets of silhouetts because I can see where I shot if I miss. cant do that with cans. Cans and clay pigeons and oreos are fun targets tho
Rimfire Shooters

Our club in W. FL. has both rim and center fire silhouette shooters. Allot of T/C and other 10" barrel pistols of all calibers are in use plus some exotic brands. The scopes are rifle & pistol of all sizes and powers. The top CF shooter uses iron sights, showoff! I have a T/C contender with a rifle 4-12AO scope. Could use a 4-16AO. My 2.5-8 Pistol scopes are no good over 4-5x, too hard to center. The CF guys have to modify their pistols due to recoil. My point is it is wide open, except for barrel length, but allot of fun for both young and old, though the old like me, have problems shooting in the weird positions.
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