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Rimfire Shooters

Our club in W. FL. has both rim and center fire silhouette shooters. Allot of T/C and other 10" barrel pistols of all calibers are in use plus some exotic brands. The scopes are rifle & pistol of all sizes and powers. The top CF shooter uses iron sights, showoff! I have a T/C contender with a rifle 4-12AO scope. Could use a 4-16AO. My 2.5-8 Pistol scopes are no good over 4-5x, too hard to center. The CF guys have to modify their pistols due to recoil. My point is it is wide open, except for barrel length, but allot of fun for both young and old, though the old like me, have problems shooting in the weird positions.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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