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I don't think any of the barrel makers does a .243 Garand barrel as a stock item.

You might ask Kreiger. For the right price I'm sure they'd make you one.

Also, Roland Beaver from down Arkansas way makes different caliber barrels for the M1 from McMillan blanks. Just about any caliber with a .470 head diameter is on his list, including .243 Win. He does primo work and his prices are very competitive.... not overpriced at all (this guy even makes HIS OWN M1 Garand stocks from blank wood).

Roland is known as one of the best M1 'smiths in the country. Only thing is, don't be in a hurry. He normally takes anywhere from 12-16 MONTHS to do a rifle job, and the clock starts ticking AFTER he receives your rifle.

Folks who've had Roland do work for them say the wait is worth it.....

For what it's worth,
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