.243 Win. Hunting load development.

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    Since starting reloading I have been wanting to build a deer hunting load for my Browning BLR 243. But it was in great need of a trigger job and a scope. Well I finaly got it done.

    I had always had good luck with Winchester Supreme balitic tip 95grain ammo. But never liked the 2$ a shell price. So why not duplicate it, and try for better. I got about 2" groups before If I could do my part with the 8 pound trigger pull.

    So here comes the fun. All once fired Winchester Brass trimmed to 2.03, debured, chamfered, primer pockets cleaned, tumbled to like new, and primed with CCI 200 primers. 95 grain Nosler ballistic tip bullets seated to .010 off the lands for a OAL of 2.7

    IMR 4831 performed awsome. giving great groups with powder charges rangeing from 38.0 to 41.8. min.-max called for by Noslers manual. But my best results were from a 40.0 grain charge, giving a group of .75 or a bit less.
    Next I tried H380 It didn't do bad, has a quicker recoil and a sharp muzzle report. Powder charges ranged from 36 grains to 39.8. Best results were from the middle ground agin at 38 grains.
    I also tried RL22, recoil from it was harsh and is was very loud. I had loaded rounds rangeing from 38.6 grains up to 42.2. But after fireing the rounds at 40 grains and finding a slight pressure problem I ceased testing with that powder. Groupings were also horrible through out the range.

    I also loaded a few rounds with 100 grain speer BTSP's. I loaded some with 38.0 grains of IMR 4831. groupings weren't great but were good enough to line my gun up with. and were a bit cheaper at just 38 cents a pop.
    I also tried 11 grains of trailboss under the speer bullets. This load was found in Hodgdons manual. they had them loaded all the way down to 8 grains with an advertised velocity of around 1050fps. and up to 16 grains for 1600fps. For fear of a lodged bullet I went with 11 grains for about 1250 fps. I'm shure I got a bit less since the BLR has a short barrel.

    I moved my taget up to 50 yards for testing of this sub-sonic load and got a grouping of less than 1/2 inch. sounded like a .22 mag. NO kick. and I couldn't be happier with the round. No shure what I'd ever use it for but It's fun to shoot. LOL!

    So in conclusion I will be useing a 44 cent round built with Winchester brass, CCI primer, 40 grains of IMR4831, and a 95 grain Nosler Balistic Tip bullet, built by me, to shoot some deer with from now on. Opposed to a 2$ round built by Winchester sold by Wally World.
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    Sounds like you are ready to go. I've just used H-4350 & a 95 grn partition in the 243 for deer hunting. I did not do a lot of testing of other powders with the 95-100 grn bullets. The load did well last Fall on the one deer I took with it though.