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    I plan on upgrading my daughter from a 223 to 243. She has a Rossi single shot now (Not very accurate). I plan on either a NEF youth or one of the many bolt youth rifles on the market. My question is do ya'll have any experience with any of these or any good reloads for whitetails. Any thoughts or comments? My daughter is eight and this will be her first year behind the trigger.
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    check my reply to your post in the Big game section

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    Sorry , don't have any reduced load data but H&R does make a 5 lb. or so 243 youth model.

    Speer 14 does have a couple.
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  4. I don't have a direct answer to your question about reduced 243 loads; however, as a grandfather of 14 and one great-grand, I do have some experience with introducing kids to centerfire arms. The first and biggest problem is finding a rifle that FITS! If the cheek doesn't make a tight weld to the stock, when the sights are properly lined up, the gun is going to hurt with recoil. A 223 is about as much round as most kids can handle, IF THEY DON'T HAVE A GOOD CHEEK/RIFLE CONTACT. My experience with females suggests that the fit problem is even more pronounced with the girls. Personally, I'd work on modifying the rifle's stock more than worry about a light load. OTOH, since you inquired about reduced recoil loads, my choice is to load the lightest bullet that will be adequate for the hunting conditions, and I'd load it to the lowest velocity to keep the bullet fast enough to perform at the expected hunting distances. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks everyone. I think we're going to stay with the Rossi this year and hope for the best. Next year I may see about getting her an Abolt Micro hunter in .243 for Christmas.
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    The A-Bolt micro hunter is a great choice, altho a bit pricey but well worth the money. if your interested in something a bit less expensive, look at the Mossberg 100 ATR youth combos. solid wood stock, free floated barrel, and an adjustable trigger. Dicks sporting goods has them sale priced right now for under $300.00. regular price is $399.00. I've sold a bunch of these rifles in different calibers and have been getting good feedback on them.
  7. If the Rossi doesn't shoot accurately then there's no sense in wounding a deer. Especially since she 8 years old she needs an accurate rifle. My friend has a Micro Hunter in .243 (not sure if its an A bolt or an X bolt, but I'm thinking an X bolt) Its a really nice, accurate rifle. Fancy for sure.
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    I'll have to check out the Mossberg. Do they make it in a lefty?
  9. I don't think they do. I'm left handed (and left eye dominant) and have used right handed guns all my life...bolt action, lever action, pump, semi auto..everything...never once have I used a left handed rifle or shotgun. Guess I'm just used to it.
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    I really like what I see in the Mossberg. I'm leaning heavily in that direction.
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    Tell her how good "daddy" can shoot and explain to her that if she can make all "one shot,one kill" shots like her father she can use a righthanded platform and will never need a fast followup.(it might work,altho it didn't for me after I shot)