25-06 or 243or 22-250

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by slaughterhouse, May 15, 2008.

  1. slaughterhouse

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    Which rifle do you guys think would make a better varmint rifle at peak performance rounds
  2. jaeger

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    what type of varmint?

  3. Well, . . .

    . . . you did not define the varmit but I will take the case of smaller
    animals where the .22-250 would be the better choice.

    Note: do not fire "peak" loads which I take to mean maximum velocity.
    The rifling in a barrel is designed for a certain bullet weight range
    at a certain velocity range. Going all out for maximum velocity
    defeats the ability of the rifling to stabilize the bullet thus leading
    to inaccuracy. Also, increased heat more rapidly wears out the

    The standard bullet weights and velocities for a .22-250
    are fast enough - anyway.
  4. I don't know how peak you can get out of a 25-06 but you can also hunt larger game with it.
    As well as shoot varmints.
    But I bet the 22-250 wins out here. Whice is a good choice too.
  5. AKHunter

    AKHunter G&G Newbie

    .243 will get you prarie dogs to black bear.
  6. Does it have to be one of those? If not I would say in the maximum caliber of .257. I'd go with .257 WBY.
  7. Ron AKA

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    Of the ones you list I would go with the .243 using 60-70 grain bullets. For a pure varmint gun I think I would go with a .223 Rem. Better barrel life than the choices you listed and little less recoil.

    The barrel life be damned choice would be the .257 Weatherby. Pretty hot cartridge.

  8. slaughterhouse

    slaughterhouse Guest

    coyote ground hog animals like that
  9. sc928porsche

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    for the small varmit (rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs etc.) 22-250
    for larger (coyote, pronghorn, deer etc.) 25-06

    as for the 243, I dont own one...I have a 6mm/06
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  10. Romey

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  11. riverrat

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    the .243 will give you a lot of versatility. Myself ive never been a big fan of the 22-250 and ive never shot the 25-06 though i would like to. What about the .204? Great little cartridge.
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  12. samuel

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    I use 40gr vmax at 3800fps in the .22-250,58gr bullets in the .243 at 3800fps,and 75gr bullets in the .25-06 at 3750fps.At 400yds the .25-06 is 2" higher than the .22-250 and the .243 is just under the .22-250.For all practical purposes there is no great difference in the three for drop.However if I want to save pelts,I use the .22-250 which seldom exits with the 40gr bullet or the .243 with heavier bullets (I like 80gr bullets).I have never found a way to save pelts with the .25-06.As far as long range,all work out to 500yds but the problem is you need a little more power in the scope to hunt varmints than I like to use.A 4x16 or 6x20 is great.They work at shorter range,but not as good of a field of view as say a 3x9 or 4x12.
  13. SwedeSteve

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    I really like the 243, but have never fired a 25-06 either.
  14. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    The problem with the .25-06 is they didn't have the powder selection they do today.You can't buy mfg,d ammo that gives the full potential.They arent bad but by handloading you can get more fps at lower pressures.It will shoot flatter than a .22-250 and has more power than the .243win.Try one,I will bet you like it for deer size game and varmints you dont want to save the pelts. sam.
  15. deadman03

    deadman03 G&G Addict

    i like my little .243, i also am hoping that one of my first few rifle purchases will include a 22-250. i realy dont think that the caliber matters as much as practice, and becoming proficient with your rifle.
  16. How about a Mosin Nagant 91/30 sniper rifle?
    (Oops! It was the Mosinitis talking there.)
  17. 25-06 it's even has enough energy for elk out to 200 yards. and it doesn't kick much.
  18. GMCGUY

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    Id personally go with the 243. Ive taken everything from coyotes to elk with mine and it does a great job on each.
  19. Aaronb2245

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    I love my .243 win however it would never be taking on a hunt for *any* kind of bear. Yeah sure it can do it, but you can also get your butt eat'n too. Bear.....I'll take my 30-06 loaded with some 180 grainers

    To get back on topic I vote .243 win. The ammo is readily available/is a good dual purpose round and it packs some nasty velocities with light weight bullets. I even used a 75gr Hornady v-max on a 150lb hog at about 50 yards this year. Bullet went through the front leg bone and blew up the heart and lower lung. It exploded like a grenade after going through the leg bone. It was a much nastier wound channel than I found delivered from a 95gr fusion that blew up in a deer... go figure.

    I'm sure the 25-06 is a very good round for a dual purpose varmit/medium game but I have no to experience with it (just interest)

    For a dedicated varmit round (to answer the post) a .223 would be hard to beat as far as availabilty, ammo cost, and performance.