.25-06 -vs- .243

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  1. I've been looking at rifle cartridges and have pretty well narrowed it down to a .243 winchester and .25-06 remington, which one do you prefer?
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    what will the rifle be used for?long range targets,hunting,both?

  3. .243

    The .243 is a very accurate round that has a variety of factory loaded
    bullet weights taking it from smaller varmits to deer. It is easy on recoil and muzzle blast.

    The .25-06 is a very high performing high power round but is somewhat
    limited due to its power. It is truly designed for speed and distance. Also, it is not available in the range of factory loadings given to the .243. This is not to say it is in any way an undesireable round. It is just a cartridge in a narrow performance niche.

    For a more all around experience I would choose a .243. I plan to add a heavy barrel Rossi .243 to my collection later this spring.

    Good shooting and good hunting no matter what your choice.
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    +1 to the 243 but i dont have experience with the 25-06
    plus the 243 is a short action versus the 25-06
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    25-06 will shoot farther and flatter, kills deer like lightning , 243 is a good caliber though i have had better luck with the 25-06
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    Do you reload? The 243 uses less powder than the 25-06. the 25 is just a 30-06 necked to 25 and the 243 is a 308 necked to 243. The 25 is considered overbore(uses more powder than others to do the same job) the 243 is more eff. Both are great calibers.
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    I also had narrowed down my choices between a .243 and 25-06. I eventually went with the 25-06 due to the sightly heavier bullets.

    I do reload my own and the huge powder capacity the case allowed helped in the decision some. I have a 26" bull barrel. What I ended up with is a 120gr bullet over 3100fps (according to Hornady), and I'm still tweaking it for the light varmint round.
    I'm hoping an 87gr will group well, unfortunately, the Sierra 90gr HPBT simply refused to group well. I really had my heart set on that round working. The 25-06 does have less bullet choices to work with. I'm not concerned though I still have plenty of light bullets to experiment with.

    I don't think you would be wrong to go with the .243

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    I don't have either one right now, but I'm a huge 25-06 fan. I gave my 700 Classic 25-06 to my son after it became apparent I was never going to get it back anyway.

    I have harvested many deer, 2 pronghorns and lots of varmints with a 25-06. I have also harvested 2 deer and and shot a fair number of prairie dogs with a .243. If you plan on hunting deer size game with this rifle would absolutely choose the 25-06. If the rifle will be used on smaller game and targets I'm sure you would be happy with the .243.
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    +1 on the 25-06.
    This is my next gun, i have a 243 and do like it but 25-06 is just a bit flatter with the big weights.

    BTW 243 with a 60gn pill is the flattest shooting round i can find.
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    The 25/06 would be and is my choice between the two. I have harvested several deer with a 25/06 and I have never had to track one. But I am not trying to take anything from the 243. Win. because it is a great caliber. I guess the best way to put it is, that the 25/06 works the best for me. I would not have waisted the money building a custom Mauser 98 in the 25/06 if I didn't believe in it. Good Luck
  11. It would probably be used almost exclusively for hunting, I'm leaning toward the .25-06 because I think its better for deer even though I can't use a centerfire here in iowa for deer I think I'll move out of state eventually, and in the mean time for varmints I think the .243 is better but, a coyote is about the only varmint in Iowa other than a ground squirrel and I think the .25-06 would be excellent for coyotes.
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    I live in Iowa as well and am too thinking about the same calibers. I'm in the southern two tiers so I hunt the special late season with a rifle. I've been hunting with an 8mm Mauser which is has been too much gun for deer. This question has been a toss up for me but I'm leaning towards the 25-06. A little bit more power and range for deer and with coyote pelts not bringing much cash I'm not worried if it does a little more damage.
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    my uncle uses a 25-06 with great sucess, my cousin a .243 with the same, me a .308 with the same. .243 probably cheaper. 25-06 flatter past 200 yds.. Go with what your comfortable with and dont worry about what other people say. I hunt bear with my .308 and until I am discouraged from such ie. wounded animal or anyting. I will keep my .308 for my GUN .
  14. Paper

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    I've got both, and both are a blast to shoot..

    One thing to consider is that .243 ammo is available pretty much everywhere, where 25-06 is a touch harder to find.
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    I have a 243 and would like a 25-06 someday. Why not just buy both and be happy.

  16. I like that idea, I just wish my wallet would agree.
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    i think its mute just like the 270 vs 30-06 argument
    me personally 243 but in the end both will bring home the bacon and therefore its just whatever you want
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    I own a custom 25-06 Remington built on the U.S. Model of 1917 Winchester Enfield action. I have owned a 243 Winchester and liked it as well, but having to choose between the two, I would pick the 25-06 anyday of the week and twice on sunday. Why, because if you reload the 25-06 can take up to elk size game and with proper shot placement black bear and moose. The 25-06 is faster in all bullet weights and bucks the wind a little better for the really long shots. On a side note though if a 6mm is your thing the, 6mm Remington would be a better choice. If you compare ballistics the 6mm beats the 243 by a margin worth looking at, the 6mm isnt as popular so it is generally overlooked. JMHO
  19. .257 roberts
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  20. This fella right here had no idea what kind of round hit him in the head...


    It was a .243 BTW...