.256 Spence - WHAT DAT?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Grumpus, May 6, 2008.

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    I had an opportunity to bid on a Type 38 Arisaka the other day. However, it was marked on top with ".256 SPENCE" I went to the net and searched, and could find nothing but a reference that stated "Many Arisakas were rechambered after the war for .256 Spence." I could find nothing on the .256 Spence, and I had to forgo the bid. Anybody got any idea what this wildcat consisted of? What cartridge it was created from? This one really bugged me, because it's so obscure. It was a really nice Type 38 sporterized version, too, but apparently became a "closet queen" because the ammunition was unavailable.
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    Just my opinion, but if you can't get ammo for it, it'll just be a wall decoration. That's why I didn't buy a Steyr M95 from Big 5 Sporting Goods for $80, ammo is scarce and expensive.

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    This was a common conversion in the 50s, the Spence Special. It's a 257 Roberts necked up to 6.5mm. I don't know who makes dies for it, but check out this link under Japanese firearms. New Jap T38 Arisaka

    I just checked at midwayusa, and they list RCBS dies for the 6.5/257 Roberts.
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    6.5 mauser is basically the same , as the roberts is the 7x57 necked down to 257.
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    THANK YOU ALL! I knew if I asked the right people, I would get a good, knowledgeable answer. Now, I could kick my butt for not picking up that Type38 for a really good price!
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    yep i would grabbed it andfigured it out later have got a couple goofy but nice rifles that.
    got an arisaka that the bbl was cut down to 300 savage and the guy said
    it was the most inaccurate thing he had ever shot so put it away
    and never shot it. i necked it up to 311 and it shoots just fine now.
    and it is like a new 45 year old rifle.