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    Have a 25c? or 6.35 with a clip, Has pb on the handle.
    Best way to look up history?
  2. Go to Beretta.com. Not sure what they'll have and exactly what kind of history are you looking for, wanting or expecting to find? Honestly, there probably isn't going to be that much history on this particular pistol. I have one, have no clue why I ever even bought it, have had it for like 20 years, give or take a few.

    I take it you have the model 950 BS Jetfire?

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    A picture would help, or a more complete description. Many models have the PB on the grips, standing for Pietro Beretta, the founder. I have a model 418 also called the Bantam. Single action, blue, black plastic grips. Date is stamped on the frame, 1957. They are dependable guns if you need something really concealable.
  4. I think that's what James Bond carried before "M" made him switch to the Walther PPK, because the 7.65 (32 ACP) had stopping power "like a brick through a plate glass window"(a line from Dr. No). Fleming was a writer, not a gun entusiast.
  5. Does your Beretta .25ACP/6.35mm look like this?
    If so here is a decent link to info on the Beretta 950
    Hope this is helpful...
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