.264 Winchester Mag. Model 70

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    I just got some guns from my farther-in-law, questions and help on a couple. One is posted in different forum, because it's an old Rem. rolling block.
    I got a Mobel 70 .264 Win. Mag. Going buy the serial # it was made in 1964, but not before. How bad is this round compared to a .30-06 say. Will this knock the old pace maker outa my left chest ? I am right handed.
    It is in mint condition, the sites have been removed and screws installed because it has a scope, I understand this was needed on these because of the height of the sites. It came with 5 boxes of ammo, most likley from the '70s but they were always inside and in a gun safe. It has 9 empty rounds and that is all that was ever shot out of it.
    Any advice on this gents would be helpful.
  2. Well, . . .

    . . . it will definitely thump, or maybe whack is a better word choice or perhaps beat is the best word choice, your shoulder and the muzzle blast makes earplugs a great accesssory.

    If you really have a pacemaker I personally would put it up for sale on the collector market where it should fetch a premium price then purchase something a bit more reasonable such as a .243 or a 7mm/08.

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    Thanks nath. I have been out of shootin, reloading alot of years just got back into both, the (new) Ms. and I just got our CHL and a couple of hand guns. Then I got some from her dad. I used to shoot about all of them, favorite was a .270, and I even paid a guy at the range few months ago to shoot his, It was fine, no problem. This is a belted mag. ( What I call it) if I remember right. This gun is heavy! or I'm just older and weaker, lol. But I think you may be right, he lived way up in the panhandle of Texas, and used to go hunt elk, moose, etc. He had some big calibers that people would talk him into buying. But yet he carried his 30.06 more than any. So I either shoot it or trade it, huh. It does have a wide range of bullets, loads from varmits, to bigger game.
    Is this being a 1964 and not pre 64 make it worth more than later ones ?
  4. TS Chuck Hawks has an article on this caliber. I would have the barrel looked at since this round had a reputation for going through barrels pretty fast. Here are two links. One is on that cartridge The other is about recoil. Oh yeah, one more thing if you want to shoot it try the 129gr ammo the recoil should be more moderate. By the way if you ever want to hunt pronghorn from another timezone you have the right rifle.

    .264 Win. Mag.
    Rifle Recoil Table
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    The .264win mag is a moderate recoil rifle,about the same as an ,06.It has very good balistics for deer size game out to 400yds.Since you say only 9rds have been fired through it,give it a thorough cleaning and enjoy it.The ammo if stored as you say should be perfectly ok. sam.
  6. Hi Texas shooter

    I cannot say what it will bring in today's market.
    Their are a number of factors to consider such as the
    quality of the wood in the stock and the rarity of this model/year
    gun on today's market.

    I have the greatest of respect for the poster who seemed to feel
    it recoils in the range of the .30-06 yet I will state a friend
    of mine, Thomas Vandagriff, owns a .264 Winchester Magnum and my
    firing experience (2 rounds was enough) did not make me think of
    a .30-06. I view it as something more like a .300 Winchester Magnum
    with a muzzle blast that sort of makes me feel the cartridge slipped out
    for a little steriod shot before we got to the range :09:. Seriously, I
    just would not recommend this cartridge for a mature shooter
    and especially one who has had a bit of a health situation in recent history.

    However, this is a forum and I expect others will post differing thoughts.

    If you got along well with the .270 I would like to suggest the 7mm/08 which is a favorite round of mine especially in a rifle of the eight pound
    range. The 7mm/08 is very accurate, the recoil is light enough that you can get in some really good practice firing, and the 140 grain bullet is
    more than adequate for antelope and deer sized game.

    Good luck and good shooting.
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    I'm not too sensitive to recoil, and I've only shot 3 rounds out of a 264. But I have to agree, the recoil was moderate.
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    I own a 6.5 Rem mag, a virtual ballistic clone to the .264 and find it fairly pleasant to shoot. Less recoil than stout 180gr '06 loads.
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    I own a 264 mag in the Rem. mod. 700. You can forget everything you have heard about this round, it got a bad name because some gun writers early on labled it as a barrel burner. If I remember right Elmer Kieth was one of them, and in the early days he was well listened to. Mine does not kick any more than my 30-06 does. You said it had only 9 rounds through it? My guess is you can enjoy this rilfe the rest of your life, and it will do anything you want it to up to and including elk......these are my opinions, but you decide.
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    I want to thank all of YOU for the replies. It is in perfect shape, I have cleaned it well and the barrel looks like a mirror, as I said other than the sites being off the gun looks as it came out of the box. I called Winchester to ask about the different models in 1964, but they told me there was only one model 70 then. Now if this is correct or not I don't know. The wood is very nice, gloss finish, cheek rest,checkering on both sides of fore stock, and on the bottom of it also in a 3 diamond pattern, also on the grip. It has a black grip end cap and a recoil pad with a black and white insert between it and the stock.It also has factory sling swivels. The bolt has what I call a jewel finish, but they may all have had that. I guess I just need to shoot it once, the ammo I have is 140 gr., if it don't kill me, lol, I can always load it down to lighter stuff.
    Thanks again for the help from all of you !!!!!
    jimkim, thanks for those links !
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    I found the factory sights. Someone gave me a link that had the history of the post'64 model 70. It told how the sights were made by Williams Gunsight Co. Called them yesterday and they are on the way. Thanks again guys.
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    I would like to say the 264 win mag is a great round. I have researched this caliber for over 15 years. After 15 years of waiting. I just obtained a brand new Remington 700 264 win mag in a CDL model stainless fluted barrel. It was a special run. I shot it for the first time last week. Reloaded some 140gr A- Max bullets close to max charge. Three of us shot it. We all agreed it had a felt recoil of a 270 round with a 130gr bullet. We also agreed it my be less. I believe its because of the new R3 recoil pad. I would recommend you investing in a good recoil pad and some 129gr bullets. Less recoil. You'll love it. Yes it's loud.
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    The recoil on this gun is 27 ft lbs
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    I first bought a 264 when I was 16, i used that gun in Idaho and Alaska over many years. I lost it do a divorce and am trying to find a replacement. I reloaded the 129 gr and used it on coyotes, deer and elk. I never damaged the barrel shooting it, but had heard about the problems others had faced. I never thought that the recoil was very bad but boy does it bark. I am 40 years older now and us an 06 but do long for the days of that fast long reaching round. Enjoy your new gun.

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    In an 8.5lb gun using 140gr bullets the recoil of a .264mag is less than a .30-06 same weight gun using 180gr bullets,no where near 27lbs. ,,, http://www.chuckhawks.com/recoil_table.htm ,,,sam.
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