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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by turner, May 14, 2008.

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    I have noticed a couple of fans of the great .264WM here. I happened across a model I never knew existed and thought I'd share with anyone interested.

    Remington Model 700™ CDL .264
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    Looks like a nice rifle!

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    I have a mod 700 in .264 mag, that dates back to 1964. I bought the gun used and have no idea how many rounds have gone through it. It serves me well, I use it for deer and antelope, for which I bilieve it cannot be beat... I would not hesitate to use it on elk, if it were the only option I had. I do think there are better rounds suited for elk though. You may have heard it is hard on barrels, I don't think it is any worse than a 7mm mag. provided you aren't loading it to the absolute max. It is a tack driver and shoots very flat. Too bad it got a bad name early on, some gun writers labled it as a barrel burner, this happened to the 220 swift also and there are a couple of guys at our rifle range who can prove this wrong, it just depends on how hot you make the loads.
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    Nice looking guns. I thought the Sendero was the only current model in .264. They are up there as barrel burners, but probably not as bad as the .257 Weatherby. For hunting 600-700 rounds per barrel is not too bad. There is no doubt that the .264 is ok for elk, and I would suggest more than just ok. Fine on moose too. I would use and have used 140 Nostler Partitions for elk and moose.

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    I recently bought a 6.5Rem mag which is very close to the .264 and pretty much a ballistic twin to the typical 6.5/.284 loadings. I'll likely only use it on deer sized game having heavier rifles for heavier game already. I'm thinking the 125gr Nosler Partition should work well. What do you think?
  8. That should be a good combination, just stick with moderate velocities and you shouldn't have any bullet performance issues.

    Something I've never heard or seen is comments concerning "lack" of bullet performance in the .264 WM. I've always chalked it up to close range, 75 or so yards, and the high velocity. But that was the only time I've nearly lost a deer as well as having to shoot one twice.
  9. Great find

    This cartridge got off to a rough start "way back when" but
    really does have a devoted following.

    Congrats to Remington for recognizing the supporters of this