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  1. cooker300

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    hey folks

    question for all that reload for the 270 win.

    im getting ready to start loading for mine i bought 140gr nosler ballistic tip
    and the powder i will be using is IMR 4350 i was looking it up and it say to start with 48.5gr do any of you use this combo ?

    the rifle will be a REM 700 ADL and as far as factory loads it loves 130 cor-lokts. and the reason im going with the 140s is i like to be just a little bit different.
    that and my sister-in-law that has never hunted before will be useing this rifle for her 1st deer hunt. she has shot the rifle countless times and is very good off the bench id say 1.5" @ 100 and free hand closer to 3"
  2. stinkybriches

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    i use 140 grn hornady btsp's and reloader 19.
    i find that they like being pushed fast. but with a different bullet, barrel, powder it may be different. why do you want to use the starting load, is she recoil sensitive.

  3. gandog56

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    Well, I have only used H414 and H4895 for .270, so I can't help you much.
  4. samuel

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    I find .270,s to work best at near max loads.That doesn't mean go directly to max.Work up to most accurate and use that load.I just find "most accurate"pretty close to max.
  5. Inthesouthwoods

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    Check out the BC of the Accubonds. I get great groups with my 270 WSM.
  6. cooker300

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    stinky no not realy i was hopeing to get lucky like i did with my 308 i got the best grouping with the starting loads.

    the only gun that she has shot that she said kicked hard was my mosin.

    so far i only did 5 rounds with that powder charge. to see how it grouped i was also going to do 5 with a different load.
    i learned my lesson with my 300win do only a few rounds at a time till it works out.

    gandog thats ok maybe next time,
    sam thanks ill keep that in mind.
  7. Browning

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    I recently tested alot of different powders behind 130 grain Noslers. My best groupings come from H4831SC and IMR4831. 57grains of H4831SC is what I use. But like I said that was for 130grain bullets.

    I too found best results from almost all the powders near max load. But mid range loads are good too, if you r trying to spare your powder.
  8. cooker300

    cooker300 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    samuel & stinky
    i kinda took your advise i pulled the 5 rounds i had made up with the above listed load and changed to the powder to 51.0gn of the IMR 4350 and made a total of 8 went to the range today and fired a 4 shot group not to bad was very impressed. let the gun cool down about 10-15 minutes and fired the next 4 and had 3 holes touching in stright line and the 4th hole was just off of them will post the target later on today wife has my camera in her car.

    but in closeing thanks for letting me know that 270's like the larger charges
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  9. I shoot IMR 4831 in one (Savage 110) 270 and IMR 4064 in another (Ruger M 77) both shooting 130 gr bullets.
  10. cooker300

    cooker300 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    8 rounds fired 7 holes and yes i did hit the target all 8 times

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  11. Fishhead

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    I just got done playing with a new bullet/powder combination for my 270 Win. While a number of folks got their best results near max, my Savage 110 liked middle of the road loads, although things started to tighten up a little again for the last three loads. Load up three or four at 0.5 grain intervals and see what happens. It can make a difference.

    Here is what I got out of my 270 Win at 100 yards off a bench. Bullet Siearra 150 gr SBT, Powder IMR4831, Primer CCI 200, Case RP, COL 3.315, 4 shot groups

    Charge (gr) Best 3 (in) All 4 (in)
    49.0 1.67 2.04
    49.5 0.74 1.45
    50.0 0.31 1.20
    50.5 0.73 1.45
    51.0 1.01 2.05
    51.5 1.29 2.36
    52.0 1.50 2.19
    52.5 1.02 1.99
    53.0 1.15 1.56