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    Well I continue to shoot my new gun and developing new loads for it. I was at the Range today and couldn't have asked for a better day. Overcast, cool, no wind, and very few people. I did however forget to bring my Chrony but other than that it was perfect. I loaded up more 168gr Sierra Match Kings this time using Reloader-22. The C.O.A.L was @ 3.345" as my rifle seems to shoot best at that length. I had eight rounds in each powder weight (2 fouling shots and six for groups). My first group was with 54.0gr of RL-22 and I shot the .479" group. The second string was what Sierra reloading manual Vth addition recommend 54.4gr RL-22. I thought I blew that group when looking through the spotting scope. When I walked up to the target that's when I could see the group .278". This is my first time I have shot a group this small with anything larger than my .204 Ruger. I am very happy with this Encore and barrel from Match Grade Machine. Now I am going to load some more up and see if I can repeat this.

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    Great shooting and pictures.Looks like you have a real nice setup.Thanks for the pic,s. sam.

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    Thanks Sam. I really am pleased with the accuracy. The only thing I would like to do is lighten up the trigger a bit. All my other rifles are set @ 2 pounds so I would kind of like it the same.