$ 299 Century SOG CETME

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    Got back from the range . Several problems , mostly of my own creation . Did several not too bright things , so I am prepared for well deserved flames . :)
    Last trip to the range was the day I picked the CETME up from the range owner . He is the FFL that did the transfer for me . I was running low on ammo , towards the end of the session . Started shooting some of my re-loads .

    Had some problems with the last shot . Bolt would not close on the next round . I eventually found a primer rolling around on the shooting bench . I was about ready to go home & attack supper , so I packed everything up & went home .

    I figured the primer had blown and gotten wedged in the bolt mechanism or that I had experienced a brass separation .

    Well , I looked in the chamber , but could not see well enough to tell if any brass was in the chamber .

    So , today at the range , sure enough , finally able to see the front part of the brass , stuck in the chamber . Received excellent help from friends .

    One had a .30-06 broken shell extractor , but it did not catch on the mouth of the case . I too had tried this at home with zero results . This is one of the reasons I assumed the chamber was clear . No one had a 7.62 NATO broken shell extractor .

    We finally got the broken brass out with an oversize bore brush . :)

    Back to the firing line .

    But .... While cleaning the trigger pack , I thought I felt something fall into my hand , but when I carefully laid it down , I did not have any loose parts in my hand . Found nothing on the floor . Not being very familiar with this rifle , yet , I could not tell for sure if something was missing . The ejector and trigger housing had a hole that looked like a pivot pin should live there , but could not remember if one was there before .

    Well needles to say , it did not feed or eject correctly . The bolt & bolt carrier seemed to be dragging on something , probably the extractor .

    I finally made a pivot pin , of sorts , from a shortened empty .22 LR brass . This worked better , but still problems .

    Well , just a few minutes ago , I found the offending pivot pin , on the floor . Had to get a drop light and crawl on hands and knees ( vision not what it once was :-( ) .

    There is another hole in the trigger pack or housing , forward of the ejector pivot hole . Is something suppose to go there too ?

    Lastly , I forgot & left my newly manufactured front sight post tool , at home . :-(

    What with the other problems and having to try to adjust the front sights with needle nose pliers , I am not sure I adjusted the front sight correctly .

    I hope you all can help me . Bullets are impacting left of point of aim , with the eccentric front sight post swung to the left . Am I adjusting correctly or backwards ?

    Will try for another trip to the range , Tuesday , to see if the pivot pin solves the jamming .

    God Bless