3 Arabs arrested

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    3 arabs arrested when found using a video camera to tape a water reservior. The men claim to be only "checking out their new video camera"

    However they are being charged for tresspassing since they had to climb a fence and up 40' to get atop of the water tower they were filming from.

    Sounds fishy to me. I always tried my camera out in the living room as I was taking it out of the box. Got a bad feeling about this.
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    Where was this??


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    5 minutes alone with them and I could get the truth of what they were doing.

    Electricity, the ultimate motivator.

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    Camera Angle

    Could it be that the best camera angle for their test should have been straight up to catch the duckies feet overhead.
    Contaminating reservoirs is the next big thing these rats will be going after. Not with poison, because early detection would keep the deaths low. But with some disease that will not show any symptoms for weeks. Then it is too late for everyone. If I had the money, I would sure buy some bottled spring water company stock.
    I think Bush is doing exactly right in going after terroists on the ground. I am sure we are getting secret help on information from the Arab and Moslem world. But it has to be kept quiet so they don't end up dead.
    Many Arabs and Moslems are really great people, so I hope no one equates them with the Osama Bin Ladens of this world.
    The last Isreali PM assassinated was killed by another Jew who didn't like his politics. Even the Jews themselves are split on the Palistinian situation.
    America needs to act fairly towards both Jew and Moslem.
    I was proud of Bush when he spoke out early on for fairness.
    However, I think that Bush is now following past US policy in favoring Isreal and this will get a lot more Americans killed.
    He seemed to eventually cave in to the old policies that just have not worked.
    Also, I am puzzled about one thing..... wasn't the Palistinian/Isreali problem solved before Bush got in office? All the press I read applauded Jimmy Carters success..... or was it Bill Clinton's?
    Maybe they both were successful..........?????
    Say, do you think Al Gore could get elected President of Chad?
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  7. lets see what kind of camra angle they get from a C130 with out a shoot drop them right back where they came from.
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    a .22 long rifle is cheap, but effective at 1 inch, but worth more than any terrorist that contemplates attacking us( may they rot in h-ll)
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    I would have charged them immediately with a few different crimes since where they were is a health and safety risk to the community
  10. 3 Arabs

    This is from the Associated Press from FoxNews.

    EASTON, Conn. — Three men described as being of Middle Eastern descent were arrested Thursday night after they were spotted engaged in suspicious activity at the Easton Reservoir.

    What I heard on the news this morning is they were released. Isn't it the way in the good old USA?
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    If I had been in charge, they would have "tried to escape".
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    Did you hear the latest about Arabs deporting people out of their country instead of executing them because they were in possession of a......Bible?
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    Getting the unit, not just the scout

    I agree that our judges too often let people go when they shouldn't; like the judge in Miami that let Escobar go years ago....took us how long to finally get him after that? Don't ever tell me the law can't be bought! Swiss bank accounts (and Bahamian) were created not for the good people in positions of power (and they do exist), but for the evil brokers of power ......judges, elected officials, dictators, career criminals, drug dealers, white collar criminals....to hide their assets.
    The Swiss and the Bahamian governments do not deserve anyones respect. Isn't it "funny" that no newspaper columnist, no government official or LE officer ever speaks out against them? Money buys a lot.
    However, in the case of these terroists, I think it could be that LE is playing it smart. Dead men do not talk; better to let them go and then keep a tail on them. Hopefully to get the whole rat pack, and to find out their plans. (Personally, I'd use thumb-screws). Lock up these three guys, and that is all you will have.
    The terroists may think they are dealing with the FBI as it was under the former group:
    Slick Willy Clinton....the interns mentor
    Louis J. ...I'll send a Jap to murder mothers....Freeh
    Janet Reno.....child killer of Waco
    the old FBI, with their lost weapons, faked crime lab results, illegally withholding documents from the court, Robert Hanssen ... close friend of Freeh ( see www.almartinraw.com/column21), and perjured testimony in court. In short.....the FBI themseves have been criminals. So was "queer boy" J. Edgar himself when he blackmailed Congressmen and other officials to always get his way. The Eliot Ness portrayal was just so much Bull Sh*t!
    But, now I have faith because of one word...
    A man of character and decency. Keep faith and the Lord will provide. The fact that Bush picked Ashcroft and got him approved causes me to have even more respect for Bush.
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    It is very common for countries with Islamic governments to demonstrate the tolorence and compassion the Koran espouses. I am being sarcastic here. These idiots apparently do not even read the Koran, because they are supposed to respect other religions, and especially, treat Jews and Christians as brothers.