3 winchesters from way back

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    Hi all you sweet folks I'm so grateful I found you..sharing our love for firearms is so refreshing.i took the photo of 3 of the winchesters in the collection and some info on them give me some info if you can..many thanks kaye

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    Kaye adams: Ma’am; very nice :)
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    Kaye. That bottom rifle in your picture above is known as a "Winchester Winder Musket". They were chambered in .22 short and .22 long rifle, (most common). The one I have is chambered for .22 short like your note indicates yours is too. It is also known as a Winchester model 1885 low wall third model.
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    Jim that is what I have heard them called. I am told because most were used for shooting garden pests from house window. Nice rifles she has there.
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    information: just for fun learning moment :)


    US MARKED Winchester 1885 Low Wall WINDER Musket

    Scarce Example w US Ordnance Flaming Bomb Marks

    Here we present a Winchester 1885 Low Wall “Winder” Musket, chambered in .22 Rimfire Short, made circa 1918 in New Haven, Connecticut. Ironically, this was Winchester’s first single shot rifle, the company having been founded on its winning lever action repeater design. John Moses Browning, the famed gun designer who forever changed the firearms landscape, began his career with this rifle in the 19thCentury before dominating the world scene in the 20th Century.

    This example is one variant known as the “Winder Musket”, which was heavily influenced by Colonel C. B. Winder for use as a training rifle for troops. The idea was that it be a full-sized rifle chambered in .22 Rimfire Short so that the trainee get the weight and feel of a rifle of heavier caliber and the recoil and thrift of .22 Rimfire. This rifle was one of only about 11,000 to be purchased by the U.S. Ordnance Department from 1918-1919. It was replaced shortly by bolt action .22s, as the bolt action was the action of the day.
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    Lets see a little more on that .32 WCF octagonal barrel up top please.
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    Nice info there Craig. Thanks!
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    Very helpful..really good info.
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    32 wcf is also known as 32-20, and is what the ammo boxes will be marked.

    the Winder appears to be wearing a Lyman peep sight.
    the 94 is wearing a tang sight, probably by Marbles.
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    Thankyou 32v20 I think I saw some of that amo .in a box I'll did it out. Thank-you
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    Very nice. I would be willing to bet these Winchesters are worth a pretty penny. Thank-you for sharing with us here. Love those old levers myself.
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