.30-06 VS .300 Win Mag

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    I want to get a new rifle for hunting lots of pigs but also shoot the odd buffalo. A lot of people tell me that the .300 will do exactly the same job as the .30-06 but just at a much longer range. So is this true? If i shoot a buffalo at 100 meters will it do the same job as the .300 would? The reason i am not getting a .375 H&H or bigger is because i will only shoot buffalo on the ODD occasion, i will shoot pigs with it a lot, and i dont reload. I am aware that the .300 uses similar weight bullets as the .06. Which would you take.
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    Either will suit your needs. If you want to be kind to your body and your wallet get the 06'. The .300wm will perform better at longer ranges. You may want to check your hunting regulations regarding buffalo. In alaska for example we are rquired to shoot a bullet of a certain minimum weight that carries a certain minimum amount of energy at a given range. A 30-06' meets the minimum here.

    Personaly I would get the .30-06' but, I am going to predict more fans for the.300wm.

  3. .30-06

    This cartridge will give you the widest possible range of bullet weight loadings for a variety of game. The .300 Win Mag is much more restricted in bullet weight loadings. If you check some published ballistics you will see it not so adventageous in the longer range department. A good friend once said the .300 Win Mag is to the 180 grain bullet what the .30-06 is to the 150 grain bullet and, I must say, I think he was pretty much "on target" with this comment.

    Also, the .300 Win Mag does have a noticeable recoil felt in the shoulder when compared to the .30-06. For many shooters this will translate into more time practicing with the .30-06 thus becoming a more accurate shooter.

    Having owned each caliber, I sold the .300 Win Mag and kept the .30-06.

    However, this is a forum and you will get other opinions from people just as sincere in their comments as I . . .

    Good luck and good shooting


    Thanks guys. This is all helping.
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    If you are not going to reload, the 30-06 has the widest range of off-the-counter bullet selection and will do a good job for you for both hogs and buffalo. If you are not going to use a bullet over 180 grains, then I would suggest the 300 WSM as an alternative. It has more power than a 300wm, uses less powder, with slightly less recoil, and uses a stronger short action reciever with good barrel life because of the case design. Just my 2 cents.
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    The .30-06 is going to be so much nicer on the wallet and the shoulder. Sure, if you think a good portion of your shots will be out of range with the .30-06 then the mag would be the better choice... but let's face it, how many of our shots/kills are made at that distance?

    Just from what I gathered from your original post I think the .30-06 is your bullet. SO many brands and loads to choose from.
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    I personally use a 300 win mag to hunt with, but I admit that it is overkill - most of the time. I guess it depends mostly on the average distance of your shots. If you are routinely shooting over 200 meters or so, go with the .300 mag; otherwise the 30-06 will be more user friendly. I don't personally find the recoil of the .300 to be all that bad, but some do. I would suggest finding a friend that has one you can shoot before spending your money on something you can't stand to shoot.
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    Take a .30-06 shell and set it beside a .300 Winmag. and compare. Nuff said.
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    If you are going after Buffalo, DEFINITELY get the .300 Win Mag...
    As far as Recoil...again , you never feel the recoil when shooting at an Animal ! Adrenalin...takes over.
    The .300 WM is a 30/06 on Steroids...You have all the capabilities as far as bullets Go of the 06 only flatter shooting, More energy per given Bullet !
    If you load your own, you can load it down towards 06 velocities...
    I hunted with 06 and it would NOT Quickly, cleanly kill Larger Game animals, The 300 Does !!!
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    Awright Rich, you know I love ya, but I gotta fuss at ya a bit on this one. We all know that you don't feel recoil when hunting, BUT... what about the "training" before the hunt?
    Personally, I will not fire any weapon at live game that I'm not proficient with, so the question is, how do you become proficient? A: shooting at the range.
    I know several guys who shoot .300's but NONE like shooting from the bench- most shoot just enough rounds to get one to land in the X ring and call it good.

    Like the old saying goes: I'd rather have a good hit with a .22 than a bad hit with a Howitzer!
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    I shoot em All the time...I guess I'm Just an Old, Tough 185lb. Alaskan...
    I don't have a problem with recoil on the bench from My .300...
    I think My Shotgun with High Brass #4 or Buckshot kicks harder...
    To me the .300 Has only slightly more kick than a Heavy Loaded '06.
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    I don't own or shoot one, so what do I know? :D I do know that I've hunted with a couple of aquaintances who couldn't hit a damm thing with their .300's @ 100 yds while I was dropping deer @ 200+ with a crappy old 55 yr. old M-44. It really makes no difference to me what anyone hunts with, but I'll always hunt with the largest cal I'm confident shooting. If the game is too large for a
    .30-06, I probably don't need to eat it anyhow.
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    Tim, YOU don't live in Alaska !!!! LOL
    (everything is Big !)
  14. everything except our squirls :) I am a die hard 30-06 owner but when it comes to big dangerous game and those big furry buffalo are dangerous I will always reach for something with more punch. hell I think you need both guns.
  15. Mooseman684

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    I use a 12 Ga. On these Tough Red Squirrels !
  16. toolman

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    Moose ole buddy, I think you guys are just suffering from a testosterone buildup. I suppose I could start shooting coyotes with a .458 Win. Mag., I just don't see the point. :p
  17. The point is when the coyotes weigh in at 800 pounds you'll be reaching for something bigger, but the small game has always been more fun and alot easier to carry out.
  18. Billyz

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    30.06 is a lot easier to find anything for. But buffalo? Im going as big bore as i can find.
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    Them there squirrels are BIG. But nothing like them GI-normous Snowshoes! If you ain't shootin' Goose or Turkey loads, you're a gonner if they charge!


    I thought about getting a big bore too, but i WONT be shooting many buffalo at all (maybe 2 or 3 a year). I will be shooting a lot of pigs, so if i get a very large calibre there will be way too much unesasary recoil and power for that.I just want a cal that willA: get the job done, andB: have cheap ammoI thought the .30-06 would be a good all rounder. Light bullets for the pigs and heavier bullets for buffalo.