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· Wonderment :)
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Weight (loaded)​
5.38 kg​
1 095 mm​
Barrel length​
491 mm​
Muzzle velocity​
823 m/s​
Cyclic rate of fire​
750 rpm​
Practical rate of fire​
30 - 80 rpm​
Magazine capacity​
20 rounds​
Sighting range​
1 200 m​
Range of effective fire​
~ 500 m​
Maximum range​
~ 1 000 m​
The Beretta BM-59 was the first Italian automatic rifle to achieve operational service. It was developed directly from the ubiquitous Springfield Armory M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle, and primarily served the international arms market as an alternative to the M14; another Springfield Armory product, which had also evolved from the M1 Garand.

The origins of the BM-59 are rooted in Beretta's acquisition of a license to manufacture the Springfield Armory M1 Garand battle rifle during the 1950s, which at the time was the most widely-used service rifle in NATO. Most of the examples used in Europe were "hand-me-downs" from the US, many of which were well-worn from use in World War 2. As US production of the M1 was winding-down, local production in Europe had proven a godsend for NATO. Many of Beretta's M1 Garands were also exported to other NATO nations, and even states as far away as Argentina and Indonesia, and the quality of these weapons effectively re-established Beretta's reputation as a first-rate firearms manufacturer.

· Wonderment :)
36,841 Posts

BM-59SL: Converted M1 Garand, without a selective fire capability.

BM-59E: Another semi-automatic direct conversion of the M1 Garand.

BM-59 Mk.I: Basic production model as described above, with a mixture of M1 Garand components and new parts made by Beretta (a few of which are actually interchangeable with the M1 Garand).

BM-59D: This is basically an otherwise standard BM-59 Mk.I, with an auxiliary pistol grip added behind the trigger group.

BM-59R: Improved BM-59 Mk.I with a rate-reducing mechanism built into the trigger mechanism.

BM-59GL: Variant of the BM-59 Mk.I outfitted to launch rifle grenades.

BM-59 Mk.II: Added a separate pistol grip to the wooden stock, to improve controllability is fully-automatic fire.

BM-59 Mk.III: Carbine variant with a folding skeleton buttstock.

BM-59 Ital TA: BM-59 Mk.III variant for use by mountain infantry (TA is short for "Truppe Alpine"), with a shorter barrel and an integral flash hider.

BM-59 Para: Paratrooper version of the BM-59 Mk.III, with a shorter barrel and a detachable flash hider.

BM-59 Mk.IV: Squad automatic weapon variant, with plastic furniture and a heavy barrel. It is similar to the M14A1.

SP-1: BM-59 series rifles manufactured under license in Indonesia by the Bandung Weapons Factory.

BM-62: Semi-automatic-only model for the civilian market, chambered in .308 Winchester. The BM-62 was built with a different flash hider, and no bayonet lug, grenade launcher compatibility, or tri-compensator. They also don't normally have a gas compensator or a bipod.

BM-69: Improved BM-62, with a bipod and tri-compensator as standard equipment.
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