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That Bonnie and Clyde article got me to thinking. Got another 'what if...' for ya'll.

Let's say you fell into a number of 30-06 rounds. A couple of thousand or so. Let's also say you were in the market for a reasonably priced, very dependable semi-auto -06 rifle. Something you could depend on (if you found yourself in a firefight) to go band every time and to throw the lead out there for you ASAP.

Now I'm a fan of some of the older stuff, but not so much the Garand (no, I don't know why...never have been). What other options would someone have in the semi-auto 30-06 class? Let's say for my non-sensical reasoning, that it has to be pre-1999.

Yes, I do know my requirements are vague. Let's say under $1500 for poops and chuckles.

Did Winny make a Model 100 in this caliber?

Interesting Pick (FN49):
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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