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That Bonnie and Clyde article got me to thinking. Got another 'what if...' for ya'll.

Let's say you fell into a number of 30-06 rounds. A couple of thousand or so. Let's also say you were in the market for a reasonably priced, very dependable semi-auto -06 rifle. Something you could depend on (if you found yourself in a firefight) to go band every time and to throw the lead out there for you ASAP.

Now I'm a fan of some of the older stuff, but not so much the Garand (no, I don't know why...never have been). What other options would someone have in the semi-auto 30-06 class? Let's say for my non-sensical reasoning, that it has to be pre-1999.

Yes, I do know my requirements are vague. Let's say under $1500 for poops and chuckles.

Did Winny make a Model 100 in this caliber?

Interesting Pick (FN49):
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Browning, Remington
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You better reconsider the Garand. I went through this same debate with myself for several years before I bought a couple Garands.

BAR, Remington, and someone makes a 30-06 version of an AR. Way expensive and iffy reliability. All three of those have one thing in common though, through the roof spare magazines and low capacity for the main part.

Spare "mags" for the Garand, less than a buck apiece, available every where. No special order. 80 years of proven reliability. 8 round capacity and designed specifically for reliable, quick reloads under the stress of enemy fire.
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