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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by bob, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. bob

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    i hope i'm not violating anything by posting loading data here, rather than on the handloading string! i'd like loading data for KRAGS, not for winchester 95's or ruger number ones or whatever. so if any of you'd like to share, i am looking for loads for jacketed bullets, cast and gallery loads. have slugged the bore of my carbine and know that it is a bit oversize, but factory loads shoot suprisingly well. would appreciate the benefit of your research and will approach your data with a judicious and careful attitude! bob
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    My '98 rifle likes 40-43 g. of 4350 behind 200 gr. Sierra MatchKings. It's kept 6 rds. in 3/4", which is pretty good for a 100 yr. old rifle. Anyway, just start light and work your way up. Remember that the Krag was designed around a long 220 g. round nose bullet, so it has a lot of freebore. This is one rifle that works best with long, heavy bullets. As I've said, I've used 200 g. bullets and my next step will be to try 220 g. MatchKings.
    Hal Beatty