.30 carbine ammo

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  1. Anyone know where I might can find some cheap .30 cal carbine for blasting? I would prefer to use non corrosive since its a semi-auto. It doesn't have to be top quality since I just want to have some fun with it.
  2. I walk around the gun shows looking for the cheepest. Last gun show I got 5 boxes of 50 for $11 each. Walmart has it cheep some times.

  3. MrJitters

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    The CMP has about the lowest price going.
  4. IF you're a member of CMP, correct?
  5. Orlando

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    No such thing as "being a memeber of CMP" you just need to meet their requirements. Its easy and well worth it. Details on the CMP website if you are intertested
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    Orlando is right, there is nothing at all to it. I am a member of the GCA so that fulfills my club membership. I have a C&R so that fulfills my shooting requirements. Proof of US citizenship and I was good to go. Just follow the instructions on the paperwork. Unless you plan on purchasing a rifle, you do not need to get the forms notarized.
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    Nowdays "cheap" Carbine ammo is anything priced less than 25¢ a rd.
    The only corrosive Carbine ammo is anything frog(french) and the chicom stuff marked LC 52. The chicom is also berdan primed. Looks identical to GI LC 52 so the only way to tell is to pull a bullet.
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    I found that my CMP Inland Racker doesn't like Wolf, and lets me know this by spitting in my face. 1 or 2 rounds in a 50 round box will spit powder residue in my face when firing the steel case ammo..
    Zero issues when firing brass cased ammo, though...

    I took the hint and won't be firing Wolf from it again..

    Just one more reason to wear protective eyewear when shooting..
  9. Sarge

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    The blast shield that comes with the W German BFA is good to have when you encounter this problem. Its spring prongs go under the adjustable rear sight and it sets ovet the bolt thus no residue in the face. This was an occasional problem with the red plastik blanks, thus the shield.
  10. AIM has decent prices on some PRVI.
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    I believe CMP is temporarily out of .30 carbine. They don't show it on the e-store. It is a good deal when they do.
    BEWARE the PRVI ammo. It seems their quality control departments takes too many breaks. I tried PRVI .22 Hornet and found the bullets to vary up to .004 in. The first round out of the box was a misfire...all-in-all...5 misfires and 14 failure to extract; that's one 50 round box. It is good priced however.