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Well here's the last change , I hope, I made the handguard on this build.
Before Picture:
Musical instrument Temperature Metal Wood Composite material

.300 BO Ballistic Advantage 7.5" Barrel
PWS CQB Diverter
Luth-AR Handguard*
Anderson? Upper Receiver
PSA Unmarked Milspec bolt carrier group.

*It previously had a YHM Keymod intermediate/mid length Handguard which I felt was too bulky for the purpose of this upper. And may have had some harmonics issues contacting the PWS diverter when firing.
I need to slap it in my one pistol lower and take it to the range but that's maybe tomorrow.
After I disassemble it and clean some gunk out.
Wood Fixture Composite material Metal Auto part

My only complaint about the Luth-AR product is zero zip provided directions and nothing very specific online either.
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