300 RUM loads and bullet selection for hunting

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    I'm wondering what kind of bullets and loads to use to make my 300 Ultra Mag suitable for different game, from Whitetail to Grizzley. Yes, I know people will call me crazy, but it's what I have and dog gonnet I like it. I was thinking of loading down for whitetail, but heard that may negatively affect accuracy. I was also wondering if it was better to use heavier or lighter bullets on something as small as whitetail, as a heavier bullet would be slower and less explosive, but a lighter bullet would be less dense and have a lower momentum. Or perhaps I could use less explosive bullets, such as FMJ? I was a little worried when a friend told of a deer flipping over when hit by a 300 Win Mag. I've seen loads from 110gr to 250gr for RUM. Recoil isn't an issue.
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    I load a Lazzeroni 7.82 warbird for a friend of mine, and given that the two of them are similar in size I thought maybe I can help towards your bullet selection. I load his 7.82 with 165gr Barnes XLC's(the blue coated ones)this is the only bullet he uses. Because of the construction and extra length of the XLC's he's found that a heavier bullet is not needed, and the extra velocity is a definate plus as far as trajectory is concerned. With a near max load of RL-25(Lazzeroni data) the avg. velocity is 3740fps and shoots 3/4" @ 100yds. If you want to use just one bullet this would be it. The advantage being you would have complete familarity with the load and it's traj. at all times, and the bullet always performs the same everytime.

    The only thing special about the Barnes bullets are you must start with an absolutly clean bbl before you shoot them, they don't work with guilding metal fouling in the bbl. When you start with a clean bbl the cleaning interval is about the same as regular bullets, or possibly a little longer depending on how smooth your bbl is. I've found that the XLC coating is even better that moly as to a longer cleaning interval than regular bullets.


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    For whitetail I use Sierra 180gr BTSP GameKing bullets in my 300RUM. They proved tough enough to hold together at close range in both my very unscientific testing and on real game when I shot a 200lb whitetail buck at roughly 50yds with a perfect quartering away shot. The only way I would go with a lighter bullet is if I was going to use a high quality controlled expansion bullet like a Swift A-Frame, Nosler Partition, Winchester Fail Safe, or Barnes X. The light weight "regular" bullets may give complete fragmentation if you hit a shoulder bone at close range.

    I have never used my 300 RUM for bear, but if I was going to, I would stay with heavy controlled expansion bullets. Bullets ranging in weight from 180gr-220gr would be my choice and I would definitely stay on the heavy end of the spectrum for grizzly. As for the bullet itself, I would definitely use a high quality controlled expansion bullet such as the Swift A-Frame, Nosler Partition, Winchester Fail Safe, or Barnes X. For grizzly I would probably go with either a Swift A-Frame or Barnes X.

    I would definitely stay away from FMJ bullets for hunting because all you will do is punch a caliber size hole through the animal and have a long tracking job.

    As for flipping a deer, yes it can happen, even with calibers much less powerful than a 300RUM. I once flipped a small buck over backwards with a neck shot at 45yds while he was facing directly at me, the caliber was 30-30 Winchester fired from a Marlin 336. So it depends on the circumstances of where the animal is hit and what it is doing at the time. If the deer is starting to jump or is running when the bullet strikes him, then it is very possible for the deer to do some pretty impressive tumbles even when hit by a caliber of only mediocre power.

    If you want to avoid undue damage to a whitetail with the 300RUM, then stick to a controlled expansion bullet of around 180gr. This way you will avoid most of the fragmentation that damages a lot of meat. It isn't really the caliber that actually damages meat, it is the fragments from the bullet. This is why fast calibers tend to destroy a lot of meat, if the bullet you are using isn't designed to be fired in a round capable of very high velocity, then the bullet will explode and send fragments throughout the body of the animal. So be mindful of your bullet's abilities, as it has as much to do with performance as the round it is fired from.

    My favorite whitetail load for my 300 RUM is:
    - Match prepped Remington case
    - 96.0gr of Hodgdon H1000 powder (Warning: this is a max load, so reduce it and work back up slowly while watching for excessive pressure).
    - CCI Large Rifle Magnum primers
    - Sierra 180 gr BTSP GameKing bullet seated to magazine length (I can't touch the lands and still be able to fit the round in the mag, so I load them as far out as I can get them and still be able to fit them into the mag).

    I'm also planning on trying some loads with Hodgdon's new Retumbo powder as soon as my local dealer gets it in.
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    I reported it.
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    Dave and squirrel both gave exelent advice,there isn't much to be added except to do your homework. sam.
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