300 Whisper?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by MikeB, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. MikeB

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    What do you guys know about the 300 Whisper? How does the cartridge perform?
  2. Jack O

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    From what I understand the 300 Whisper shoots heavy bullets at subsonic velocities very acurrately. From what I've read they used the same tech. to come up with the 300 WSM. The cartrigde is supose to be very efficent. And thats about all I can think of. If i left anything out just ask.

  3. vodkazombie

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    I met a guy who used .221 Remington Fireball brass to form .300 Whisper. He picked up some from me at a show and told me that he loaded for the .300 Whisper.
    I said in a hushed voice, handing him his change "pssst, thanks!"
  4. Mike southers

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    Usually a .223 necked up to .30. Subsonic. Quiet. Accurate. I know of one coyote that only knew he had been hit by something and it didn't hurt for too long. Very little noise.
  5. Indy

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    The 300 whisper was designed by J.D. Jones by necking up a .221 Remington case to 30 caliber. The purpose was to provide an accurate subsonic cartridge for noise suppressed weapons. Additionally, an AR15/M16 rifle could be easily adapted to fire the cartridge. Thompson Center has chambered the Contender pistol for the Whisper and I have heard it is a great performer. If it is anything like the 7mm TCU it should have a good following.
  6. guncrazy

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    .300 whisper

    I've been down this road!!!! What I found was the 7.62x39. The cartridges are nearly identical for ballistics, and the 7.62x39 is alot more available. Try using 200 or 220gr. cast bullets and you can easily go sub-sonic. Check it out, I did and I'm thinking this was the better way to go.
  7. m21black

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    300 Whisper

    The 300 Whisper out performs the 7.62x39 period. Yes you can load the 7.62x39 to subsonic velocities but it's not a Whisper. The Whisper at supersonic mode is the equal to the 7.62x39 though and may actually out perform it. What is missed is that with a Whisper with a 1:8 barrel or faster you can use the 240 grain Sierra HPBT's. You folks may not believe it but 1050FPs at a the muzzle yields 950FPS at 400 yrds with the 240 grain head. All that with MIA accuracy less noise signature and efficency, no other 308 approaches what the Whisper can do in the subsonic world.

    If you have a limited budget build it on a TC G2 carbine and buy a 1:8 twist. The Whisper subsonic without a can is the equal to any suppressed subsonic 308 load that you may drean up. Just image how quiet it is with a can.

    Perform with the 240 grainer on deer sized animals... one shot one kill with proper marksmenship. Massive knife like wounds due to tumbling