30'06 AP ammo

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  1. I went out to the range a couple weeks ago with my m1 and some AP rounds i got when i was back in arizona, i put a round clean through a 3/4 in. thick steel plate, at 100yds.!!! it punched clean through, i'll dig out the pics. i took of it, and scan 'em soon.
    it totally amazed me.
    at first none of my group thought i hit it, as it didn't nock the plate over just went through it!!
    These plates have stood up to some major punishment, we finally got an 8mm round to go through after 2 years of shooting them.
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    AP is fun :)

    We have a dude here that sells it. I have 20 rds, err just in case :)

  3. AP is fun, but i used up all of mine, but i do have 24rds. of tracer that i can't use because it's illegal in this commie state
    but i'd really like to get my hands on some more AP ammo
    just out of curiosity, did they ever make .30carbine AP ammo?
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    I doubt if it would produce effects to justify the the efort . Too slow & too light .

    .30 Carbine is realley just a souped up pistol calaber & yes , I own one .

    god Bless
  5. Carbine AP

    I have TM 9-1900 "Ammunition General", the official 1956 army manual. All that's listed for .30 carbine is ball, two types of tracer, a dummy and an experiemental high test.

    Neat book, by the way!
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    I'll check my guy, at the next gun show. he has all kinds of calibers. Heck he even had 7.62x25!

    He carries tracer, A.P., and incendiary.