308 nato vs. 762.54R

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  1. Does anybody know the comparitive ballistics between them?
  2. Why not just run them though a ballistics program?

  3. runfiverun

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    i would look in a loading manual.
    but don't be surprised if they are nearly identical.
  4. just_a_car

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    7.62x54R is midway in power and ballistics from .308Win to .30-06.

    It's easy to see if you look at them in all metric designations:

    .308Win = 7.62x51mm
    .30-06 = 7.62x63mm

    The first number is the width of the bullet, the second number after the "x" is the length of the case without a bullet inserted, implying case capacity. This number, obviously, does not take into account the shape or diameter of the case and thus, isn't fully representative of the relative power of each round, but it gives a good general idea.
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    Here's my comparison:

    7.62x54r = .15/rd
    .308/7.62x51 = .50+/rd
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    we calls the 54r an oddsballs 308s 'rounds heres, peoples seems to gets it (sorry about the eupoean accent)
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    +1 lefty.
    SN, what ?
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    Aside from being slightly longer than the .308, the 7.62x54R is slightly larger in diameter. The 7.62x54R uses a .311" bullet too.
  9. Thanks guys I've intersted in a clip fed semi rifle in 308, but the springfields are out of my price range. I found a romanian RPK in 762.54R at a pawn shop in good shape fairly cheap, thats why I asked. And yes FeralChild I'll do that.
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    depending on which reference you use,and which manufactor the cartridges are from there is approximately 100+ fps between 308 and 762x54 and then approx 100+ between 762x54 and 30-06. Now depending on which rifle you get a hold of you can get one that has good accuracy or get one that couldn't hit anything.I have one that has taken several deer and also an elk.Good luck with your new moisen nagent. When I take mine hunting I like Norma cartridges.