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    I picked up this revolver (friend died, widow gave it to me) It's a s&w 6 shot double action. Serial Number 5487xx on the Butt, also on the inside of cylinder. Rightside of barrel: 32 long CTG. Left side of barrel :Smiith &Wesson. barrel is 31/4". I come up with a .32 hand ejector , I could be wrong cause the book only lists CTG on the .32 Military and police. any help would be appreciated.
  2. That sounds like one of the S&W hand ejector series, known after 1957 as the Model 30 or Model 31 revolvers. My best guess is your gun was made in 1949 or 1950.

    These are great little guns. I own two of them, the earlier one being from the 1910's. Your gun will shoot rimmed .32 S&W Long ammo or semi-rimmed .32 ACP ammo. Recoil is mild with either load.

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    Any guess as to the value of a gun like this?

    I have one in blue...inherited it about 15 yrs ago

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    Blue Book values them at $350 at 98%,$195 at 80%,$165 at 60%