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325. WSM

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Magnumsrule, Apr 7, 2008.

Is the 325 a good option for NA game, or is something else better?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Differnt Cal with similar preformance

  1. Magnumsrule

    Magnumsrule G&G Regular

    I was perusing my Nosler and Barnes reloading manuals and decided to look up this little cartridge. In the Nosler guid it says that it recoils less than a 300 win mag. Is this true? I had the impression that it recoiled a great deal more than a 300. Also has anyone here tried it? I am also under the impression that it has a fairly flat trajectory and will hit hard with 180-200 grain loads. According to the book it will shot a 200 at around 3000 fps, and a 180 at about 3200. All of this using only about 65-72 grains of powder. What your views worth it or not?

  2. Nathan123

    Nathan123 G&G Newbie

    From what i hear it is a great cartridge. I have not shot one yet but those that i know that have only have good things to say about it. Nick Harvey (gun writer here in AUS) raves about it, he says it is a real powerhouse. I say go for it.
  3. vikingpreacher

    vikingpreacher G&G Newbie

    For certain game there is better but for anything you would use a .338 Win. Mag. for it is fine with less recoil.
  4. Magnumsrule

    Magnumsrule G&G Regular

    In most of the reloading manuals they also comment that it is an extremely efficient cartridge. On paper it looks good, but are there any field reports??
  5. AKHunter

    AKHunter G&G Newbie

    I voted yes on the poll, however I see no reason to get one over a .338wm. Energy and trajectory are nearly identical according to Winchester factory publication ( and we all know how realistic/repeatable factory numbers are). So all else being equal I take the larger diameter bullet. If in fact recoil is significantly less than the .338wm I can see that as very appealing to many shooters.

    The powder consumption is on par with the .338wm as well when compared ,so I see it as being only slightly more efficient, charge to bullet weight.

    It looks like a promising cartridge and I am sure it gather fans, but it has to compete against the .338wm, in the opinion of many, one of the finest cartridges ever developed.
  6. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    I would go with the .338 Win Mag, it is far more common, and has a slighter larger diameter bullet.
  7. vikingpreacher

    vikingpreacher G&G Newbie

    True but not that much larger,plus 90% of the bullets weights that can be loaded in 338 Win. Mag. can be loaded in a 325 WSM. And what advantage is offered by .015 in. of bullet diameter?

    And also I have heard reports that the 325 WSM is exceeding early sales expectations.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2008
  8. Magnumsrule

    Magnumsrule G&G Regular

    You get about the same results with the 325 as with the 338 using about 5 grains less powder. The 325 also shoots a few inches flatter at longer ranges. Not a significant difference and i beleive if you already owned a 338 win then the 325 would not offer much. However i do not own one and am seriously considering it. The only concern i have is if i can shoot it.. How much recoil does this beast have?
  9. turner

    turner Suspended

    I own one in a lightweight rifle, the BLR. I like it. Nice rifle, nice ballistics, nice bullets. I read a very knowledgeable gun writer that stated it was one of the finest rifles for a light rifle in a 2 rifle safari....over the .338Mag., I believe. I want nothing to do with a .338 mag, but used my .325 for deer hunting as much as anything else last season!
  10. Casull

    Casull G&G Newbie

    Let's see. There aren't as many 8 mm bullets available as .338 bullets. It can't handle heavy bullets as well as the .338. It can't touch the .338 with heavy mag loads (all the articles tend to avoid comparing it to the .338 heavy mag loads). It's not nearly as common to find ammo for it. It purportedly has "much" lighter recoil - hmmm, wonder what Newton would say about this, since it uses bullets of similar weight, at similar velocities (at least those it can handle) and with similar (albeit slightly lower) powder charges. Sure don't know how that much lighter recoil can possibly work. No, I think I'll stick with my old .338.
  11. Ron AKA

    Ron AKA Suspended

    The cartridge in this range that I find interesting is the 270WSM. The rest seem too close to the old standby 7mm, 300, 338 regular belted magum series.

  12. Magnumsrule

    Magnumsrule G&G Regular

    The 325 seems to be a little different. Aparently winchester couldnt get the accuracy out of 338 cal bullets wich is y they opted for the slightly smaller cal. I agree with u ron that most of these are only taking advantage of new powders and do the same as the classic cartridges. The 270 wsm however is still close to a 270 weatherby is it not? As for Casull the 325. is gaining in popularity every day. Just as the other wsm's have stuck around i believe this one will too. And as for magnum loads do you mean 250 grain loads? IF that is the case then check a reloading manual as nosler does not even list a 250 grain load. Proboble due to the odd cal. I am under the impresssion that even the ol 338 winnie dosnt fair so well with larger loads.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2008
  13. AKHunter

    AKHunter G&G Newbie

    My .338wm handloaded 250grain nosler partition leaves the muzzle at 2700fps. At 500 yards it still packs 1866flbs of energy, with a 200yard zero that is only 19.5inches of drop, I dont consider that "tanking" by any means. It'll still knock the crap out of anything you hit it with.
  14. Magnumsrule

    Magnumsrule G&G Regular

    Fine ill refraze it. It leaves the muzzle at a slightly rduced velocity. IF they 325 was loaded with similar bullets i believe the preformance would be the same as that is the treand with 180s, 200s, and 220s.And i guess now that i dug out the manual you could load the winnie up to 2800 using 102% case capacity and using H4831.
  15. Casull

    Casull G&G Newbie

    No, actually what I was talking about are the "heavy mag" factory loads offered by Federal and one other ammo company that I don't recall (one of the big companies). These heavy mag loads utilize the newer powders and/or loading procedures that are used on some of the new "wonder" cartridges, and when compared to these loads, the .325 lags behind the .338.

    Had to go look up the article I remembered reading. December '07 issue of Guns and Ammo. The Hornady Heavy Magnum .338 load will push a 225 grain bullet at 2,950 fps, and the Federal High Energy load will push the same weight bullet at 2,940 fps. Or in other words, the .338 will send a bullet weighing 12.5% more at about the same velocity.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2008
  16. turner

    turner Suspended

    I'd never say that a .325WSM is better than a .338WM, but as far as some hunting is concerned, it may be better suited. Using a 200gr bullet in both/either for deer, elk or moose, the .325 factory load has over 500FPE more remaining at 300 yds vs a 200gr factory .338WM load. I'd have to agree that a .338WM stoked up with 250gr NP would be better suited for dangerous game, but if I'm concerned about dangerous game close enough to leave a mark... I'll take my .450 The 8mm Rem mag never garnered much of a following and the .325WSM is simply a short version. I have no idea if it will last, and if I already owned a .338WM, I'd see no sense in going out and buying one(.325). But conversely, having a .325WSM, I see no need for me to have a .338WM as well. Besides, I like the fact it's a lever action too.
  17. Casull

    Casull G&G Newbie

    You're comparing apples to oranges. You're taking the best factory load available with the .325 and comparing it not with the best factory load available with the .338, but a more sedate one. The 225 grain heavy mag load would have much more energy (at the muzzle, at 100 yards, at 200 yards, at 300 yards, etc.) than the 200 grain .325 load. And this is not some dangerous "stoked" load, but a factory load loaded in a similar fashion to the .325 loads.
  18. turner

    turner Suspended

    Those are the ONLY 200gr loads available in the Tables from "guns and shooting online". The fact that some loadings from the .325 exede the power of a .338WM have nothing to do with me. The .325 has VERY limited loadings. I felt that I was stand-uppish enough to be honest about the .338's strong pioints, perhaps you should also admit to the .338's shortcomings as well. Just my opinion!
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2008
  19. AKHunter

    AKHunter G&G Newbie

    What "shortcomings" does a .338wm have ???

    Now compared to hunting the "Big five" of africa, one is required to step up to a bit more gun. But honestly there are no "shortcomings" for .338wm where NA game is concerned, heck for any other continent on earth after africa.

    Firearm and ammunition manufacturers are stuck trying to duplicate already proven and entrenched cartridges because frankly, there isn't much left to suit the needs of hunters and shooters alike. They do this to make money and maintain interest in their products.

    These modern powders that are allowing a cartridge like the .325wsm to perform as it does will not stay propietary. At some point we all will have access to it and we will be able to squeak more from already existing cartridges, whatever they may be.

    The gaps are being filled by various calibers and the way I see it the manufacturers are rapidly running out of room. Innovation will have to come from other items such as propellants and firearm technology.

    Just my opinion.
  20. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    I wonder how many of the folks speaking against the .338 WM, have actually worked with the cartridge? Right behind the .375 H&H, it is one of the most versatile cartridges in existence. From 180 to 300 grain bullets, it will pretty much do anything you ask of it. While it may be just a tad small for some jurisdictions in Africa, it has dropped more than one cape buffalo. With a 180 grain bullet, it makes a decent deer rifle, with 225 grain bullets, it is a superb elk and moose rifle, and with 250 grain bullets, it is the premier grizzly cartridge.
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