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    Does anyone know if a new style front barrel band will fit and old style 336?
    My wife's dad gave her an old model 336 but the barrel band screw is missing. I've obtained a screw from Marlin which won't fit, the Marlin rep I taalked with didn't know much about the differences form the old to the new. I obtained an "old style" BB screw from a parts outfit; that didn't fit...too short.
    The only recourse I can see is to replace the barrel band but even the Marlin rep can't tell me if it will fit.
    Does anyone have an old style barrel band screw thay would like to sell?
  2. I just replaced a front band and screw on a 1977 model 30AW. The new one fit.

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    Thank you all for the responses. The wife is on my case to get it fixed so she can shoot it.
    The gold ones should add a touch of class to the gal...
    Let me know how they fit, please.
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    Went to my local hardware store looking for a replacement for the old style barrel band screw. Tried several but no go on any. 4-40 was to small but correct pitch, 6-40 was too big diameter...what to do.
    Then we made a trip to Springfield and stopped at BassPro...they have an in-store gunsmith. Told him I needed a 1 inch 5-40 screw (figured that by logical deduction)...they had it! I had the barrel band with me and lo and behold it fit just right, too long but I figured I could always make it shorter, just not longer.
    Now, why didn't I think of BassPro before this?
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    I'll know in a couple weeks ;)

    They were used for Ducks Unlimited 336's with Gold triggers and barrel bands for year 2000+, maybe farther back, not sure.

    As soon as I get 'em & slap 'em on, I'll post with pics :D

    Just wish I could find the Gold Trigger...but I'l dig that up when I have the time ;)

    Other bands I know fit almost any barrel band 336...
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