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Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by Inthesouthwoods, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Inthesouthwoods

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    Hey I've got a friend that wanted to know if I could load some 338 Lapua Magnum rounds for him if he bought everything needed. For the most part he's a target shooter. Any advice? Anyone got any exsperience with this round? Does it take anything special to load? Is this something I really need to think more about?
  2. Vel454

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    I'm not overly knowledgable about this forum yet, but for more specific questions like that, for long-range target shooting, I'd slide over to snipershide.com and read/ask around the forums there. Might be some people here that know, I don't know. But I do know theres a lot of people with a lot of exp. with the .338 on SH. Good luck either way.

  3. lefty o

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    the thing i would think twice about, is reloading for someone else. have him buy dies, shellholder, powder and bullets and let him reload his own on your press.
  4. lynxpilot

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    My 338-378 Weatherby Magnum uses the same bullets and I handload exclusively. My rifle hasn't seen a factory load unless they tested one in it at the factory. There's nothing special about it (or the 338 LM) so far as reloading is concerned. It fits in a standard press and doesn't require its own press like the 50 BMG. You just need the dies, primers, and powder. If he shoots target, he's probably shooting 300 gr HPBT's. Just get some good load data and work your way up like any other load.
  5. stinkybriches

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    im with leftyo, let him use your press. in all honesty, he should just get a the gear he needs to do it himself. it sounds like there is lots of work involved in makeing truly accurate target ammo, weight sorting cases, sorting by how much water they hold, turning the necks.... i wouldnt do that for someone else. also, you might be able to be held liable if his gun blows up and injurs him.
  6. TGF

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    This is what I do as well, not really interested in buying him a new gun, my fault or his.
  7. Tracer

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    I find alot of people aren't so intrested in you reloading for them when they have to help.
  8. Midas

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    I reloaded for my brother in law once, I didn't think it would hurt anything, the loads I cooked up shot very well out of his rifle at the range, and we were both tickled pink. However, on the 3rd morning of deer season, he missed a decent sized doe at a claimed distance of 100 yards or so, guess who got blamed for his miss?
  9. Inthesouthwoods

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    Thanks everyone. I think I'm just going to try to help him get started with reloading own his own.
  10. samuel

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    AHA! Used those "no-doe" bullets didn't you!