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No one is going to touch a chrome lined SKS or AK barrel to rebore it. The chrome lining will eat up a lot of drill bits. A new barrel will be your only option. Then you will have to have it turned on a lathe to match the several different diameters of the ouside of a SKS or AK barrel. Check your rifle notice how the largest diameter is the shank that goes into the receiver/barrel trunion. Then it is smaller in diameter to the gas block,then smaller still to the front sight and smaller at the muzzle.
The Germans in WW II used a 7.92x33mm cartridge in their Mkb-42 and this is what the Russians used as a model for the 7.62x39mm. Sizing a 7.62x39mm up to .350x39mm would be no problem as all the people using 30-06 cases to make 35 Whelen don't have a problem.
The Russians are making a 9x39mm rifle now.
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