.357 Magnum for HD, opinions?

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  1. Coeloptera

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    Just looking for good recommendations for my Taurus Model 608 for an HD round.

    Right now I have what I believe to be 125 grain non-jacketed flat rounds (not sure, I'm not with them to see right now and they no longer have a box) and 110 grain JHPs.

    I live in a condo, so neighbors exist in at least 1 direction (other units are empty, bad housing market) so penetrating walls in a concern, but I want something that will not only dump a fair bit of energy into the target, but create a large wound channel. If I'm ever forced to use it in HD, I want to be pretty sure the first shot will end the threat if it's reasonably placed.

    So, suggestions?

    - Coeloptera
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  3. The 110 gr HP will pretty much do what you're wanting. They tend to open well but usually don't penetrate very deeply. You ought to shoot a sheet of sheetrock and see what that perticular bullet does. Some HP stuff will fill the HP with debris and then act like kinda a solid.
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    I got the same gun for home defense .I use 110 JHP too,but I live in a block house.Go with the advice of the previous posts. :)
  5. TXplt

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    Coel--check out these folks (Buffalo Bore ammo):

    Product Line Listing

    I've had good success with their 125gr round; you might load your .357 with these and Glazers.

    Also, Cor-Bon (specifically the DPX or Glazer round).

    Dakota Ammo -- Glaser 1-800-626-7266

    Our .38's are loaded Glazer and 158 LSWHP +P from Buffalo bore.

    Cor-bon's been having some back order problems lately, though
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    158 grain LSWC HP in 38 Special. They will most likely flatten like a quarter when they enter a wall. Plenty of power for a close indoor fight, low recoil & flash depending on the Mfg. Good follow up capability. I use Winchesters, they aren't bad at all.

    This was also known as the old FBI load.
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    What an excellent idea. I have a friend who's redoing his bedroom and he happens to have old sheetrock lying around.

    I smell shooting trip!

    May as well try my shotgun on it too. Only shooting 7 1/2 birdshot in that. I doubt that's going to go through too far.

    I have never actually fired Glazers before.

    I do like the fact that the JHPs come up to 140 grain, I may try a box of those too and see.

    The thing is, due to the layout, an assailant can't possibly be more than 35 feet from me if I can see him in my condo, so accuracy is an almost nonexistant issue, but you never know. It's a revolver, but one thing I enjoy practicing is cocking before firing. I'm getting pretty good at doing it quickly and keeping it accurate. The 608 is easy enough to do even one-handed. So I'm primarily concerned with overpenetrating a human and one shot stopping.

    But AKHunter, isn't 100 grain a little low-powered for that? Do they load the frangible rounds to a higher power?

    - Coeloptera
    (Here to learn.) :09:
  8. I was on a Narcotics Raid Team for 5 1/2 years. I was the Shotgun guy, first in the door, for 4 1/2 + years of that. I carried Remington Dove Loads in my shotgun. At close range they hit like a slug, at farther ranges they've lost nearly all of their penetrating power. If you shoot through an exterior wall there's not much left of'm. At close range they'll go through most interior walls.
    Do try your load on interior doors and walls if ya can. You need to know what you can shoot through and what you can't shoot through.
  9. Most people would be surprised how much a .22 can penatrate too. Oh sorry for getting off track. LOL
  10. TXplt

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    Accuracy is always an issue ! Don't forget, well trained LEO's sometimes miss from inside 15 feet. Even when you're "toe to toe" you can still miss. It's interesting to read some of the older gunfight stuff where folks missed each other from ridiculously short distances. Then again, the old paper ain't shooting back.

    Glazers are good for some situations due to limited penetration and frangible round. They do shoot pretty low for Point of Aim on my revolvers though. I always follow up the cylinder with regular HP rounds in case glazer doesn't work for some reason.

    Y'all be careful and enjoy the shootin'

    608's 8 shot DA revolver right ?

    I'm sure you already well know this, but there are some issues with SA firing of DA revolver in defensive situation. With revolver, I practice pretty much all my defensive shooting DA but do some SA stuff just for target shooting fun.
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  11. Because I have had to shoot some people in the past and gone to court in one case. I really recommend the Federal Hydrashock Personal Defense rounds. If you have to shoot someone and you go to court and the persecuting attorney sets out the box that says PERSONAL DEFENSE its the best thing going for you.
    The second round I use is the Speer Gold dot.
    My third choice is the CorBon Hollow Points
    All of these are excellent rounds for Personal Defense.
    If your worried about penetration then dont use .357. I worry only about putting the bad guy down as fast as I can. Birdshot rounds or glaser rounds are not going to do that. They are worthless in my estimation for defense.
    I joke around here a lot but I dont joke about personal defense. You really dont want to kill anyone. The guilt and remorse is devasting. However if I am in a him or me situation always going to be him. The hardest thing is to use that iron when you pull it out of its holster. You have to steel yourself to do it if it has to be done. Not as easy as you may think it is. Good luck.

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    My problem with the 357 for home defense is that it often takes place at night and I may very well want to take advantage of the dark because I know my way around my home. The 357 sucks at night because of excessive muzzle flash that runes your night vision. 38+P ammo is made to produce much less flash in revolvers of 4" or less and works well in any .357. The .45 ACP is a good night round. You really owe it to yourself to make a (dark) night trip to the range with any gun you depend on for defense.
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    If, and it's a big legal if, handloads aren't frowned on for self defense, I'd look at loading Penn Bullet's 100gr TCBB over their 100gr DBBWC to create a double-projectile cartridge. Loaded at low velocity, it should create a heck of a wound channel. Since each bullet is only 100 gr, penetration thru walls shouldn't be too bad.
  14. Capt'n Mil Coll, if you're talking about birdshot out of a shotgun at close range then you must have very little or no experience with using a shotgun in combat situations.
    If you're talking about birdshot in handguns then I totally agree.
  15. Was only taking about .357 dont think I mentioned shotgun at all. I was referring to the small blue top loads of birdshot. And glaser bullits which I think are worthless.
    Shotgun is a totally different story. Might grab that if I thought there are more than one person in my home at 2 AM that are not supposed to be there. Otherwise I would take the S&W 681 every time. I load my shotgun slug #7 #7 00 00 Slug Slug.
  16. TXplt

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    With all due respect, I don't think the Glazers are worthless at all, and sure wouldn't want to be hit by one. Good high speed frangible round for those very concerned about overpenetration--you can't tell me even an 80 gr. projectile doing 1700 fps isn't going to do some damage. But we all can probably figure this out for our own situations. Wouldn't count on them to go thru much stuff--that's the point. Fast energy dump with limited penetration. See no problem having shot or 2 of glazers, followed by the 125 BB GDHP's (or in the case of 38's 158 +P LSWHP).
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  17. TXplt thats the great thing about this forum everyone has different experiences and opinions. My experience with glasers is they fragment. Try shooting some at a filled plastic milk jug and you will see what I mean. A person would have to be very lucky to hit a bad guy in such a way as to stop them. Shoot another milk jug with a .357 Holow point and there is not a lot left. I stand by my opinion that the best thing to do with a bad guy is put em down and do it as fast as possible.