.357 Sig Vs .40 S&W

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, May 13, 2002.

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    I know the .357 Sig is basically a .40 necked down to a 9mm (with the same overall case length) that propels a 125 grain bullet at roughly 1425 fps. Roughly equivalent to what I can expect from my 4 inch barreled 7 shot L Frame .357 Magnum. I also know they can be shot from the same gun given a different barrel. (supposedly Glock had to reinforce their .40 platforms for the .357 Sig...I can't swear to the veracity of that) So I would buy a .357 Sig and purchase a .40 barrel later. What would y'all do ? and why ?
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  2. Klaus

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    The .357 Sig round is loaded to higher pressures. I am quite happy with the .40 as is, but the .357 Sig was made to draw the revolver crowd, I think.

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    The .357 sig was lengthened .020 to provide more neck length and for that reason you shouldn't make sig's out of .40s&w's. The .357 sig headspaces on the case mouth not the shoulder in factory rounds. My reloads use the shoulder as I think it makes more sense.

    No Glock didn't have to do anything to accomidate the .357 sig. As you can tell I voted for the sig in a Glock mod.32. It's my CCW choice, the most power in the smallest package.

    Only reloads with Alliant Power Pistol reach 1425 no factory loads that I know of do.


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    Several officers in my dept carry Glock in .40SW, then buy a .357Sig barrel for it at a later date. Some gun dealers get ticked off at this because they want to sell both guns I guess. That's just what I have been told. i haven't experienced it myself.
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    Here's a interesting question... and I hope this is the right forum for it. I don't know about other state CCW's, but a N.Y. concealed carry license lists the Make, Caliber, Serial, Model & Revolver/Auto designation of your firearm.

    <p>With this being the case, one couldn't legally carry/own (as a example) a licensed Glock .40S&W... and then carry it with a .357 barrel because the .357 caliber wouldn't match the other permit/license info.
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    Well, if they vote for people like Hillary, they deserve what they get. I have a hard time developing sympathy to the plight of people in New York, especially NYC, or D.C., or PRK. I am sorry FireStar, you are probably one of the handful of New Yorkers with common sense. Most state concealed carry licenses do not specify a specific gun.
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    FireStar just carry it in the licensed caliber. .357 Sig is an option at the range. It just allows you to choose to shoot another caliber without paying out the money for an extra gun. In Georgia your license does not specify make, model, caliber or anything else, it just allows the license holder to carry a concealed firearm. In Alabama you may specify make, model, caliber & any other specifics if you want help recovering it, if it is stolen out of your glovebox.
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    .357 Sig looks so good on paper....
  10. Cyclops

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    I was never a fan of the 40 S&W. The 357 sig, OTOH, I like. For pure shooting fun, I choose the 357 sig :target:
  11. oneastrix

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    Can you find a varitey of plinking rounds for the 357sig? I can only find Speer Lawman for plinking it.
  12. Cyclops

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    Not a variety, usually PMC & a buddy's reloads.
  13. rich

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    to carry a gun in NY with multiple calibers you only have to inform your issuing agency that you want to do so and they will note it on your license with a slash (.40/.357) it is not an ammendment (like another gun would be)just an add on, T/C shooters do this all the time. i only use my extra barrel at the range so i dont enter it on my license.
    Don't blame us for hillary, they should've neverlet her out of arkansas, i wonder if arkansas would send me to the senate. i figure they owe us since we took in their trash.
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    Don't have much to contribute on the .357 vs. .40 thing, as I've yet to buy a gun in either caliber. I actually think that this discussion has helped to make up my mind, though.

    As for New Yorkers, I really have to say I feel for them. The entire state is run by a bunch of ignorant city-hicks that have never left the borough they were born in. There are a lot of genuinely decent people in NY state, and a lot of very rural communities, but the entire population is held hostage to the will of the city dwellers.

  15. JDW

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    357 vs. 40

    Just read an article last night as a sheriff's department was going to get new handguns - the thing that tipped it towards the 357 was when they shot it into the front of a car hood - had two layers of metal and put cardboard behind to see the bullet.
    The 357 when through both layers with no problem. The 40 went through the first layer and dented the second layer. They chose the 357 for stopping power. Just got one yesterday!
    Have a great day!
  16. Calvin

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    Yeah, that was Union County here in Ohio. They also said the scores were higher across the board with the .357 Sig than the .40.
    I bought a conversion barrel from Glock to convert my 22 over to the .357. No problem at all.
  17. Klaus

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    Penetration and "stopping power" are totally different things, JDW.
  18. JDW

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    So does that mean you like the 40?

    Which has the best stopping power then ?
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    Personally, I prefer the .40, but both are fine cartridges. They are both better than .45 acp and 9 mm Para. The .357 has higher velocity, and therefore shoots flatter, than the .40. The .40 has more momentum and generally does more damage if the bullets do not expand, due to greater cross section. If you really love penetration, get a CZ-52.
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    well they have a .357 Sig model 239 in stock...I'm thinking on it pretty hard...scheming