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    Back to the question at hand...

    I'm not a fan of the .357sig cartridge. I think it fills a void that doesn't exist. For those that don't know what it is, it's a .40S&W brass case that is necked down to fit a 9mm luger bullet.

    The 9mm Luger is already renowned for over penetrating, often going through the enemy without giving off enough energy and then continuing to go through 3 or more walls.

    The .357sig shoots the same weight bullets as a 9mm, but faster.

    A .40S&W shoots heavier bullets almost as fast.

    The .45acp shoots a very heavy bullet pretty fast. It's been proven in war and on the streets for over 100 years.

    Between the 2, I'd pick the .45acp. Equal accuracy (if not better), greatest "knockdown" (funny word, nothing gets knocked down if you can't hit the target), and probably more manageable recoil. I've never shot a .357sig, but I'd imagine that it would be very snappy in a concealed weapon, where as the .45 is more of a shove.
  4. The .45 is better for knockdown power (in the open) ... I will completely agree there. Therein lies the reason why SOG guys use the .45 over the 9mm for their pistols. The 9mm is known for over penetration... will still (eventually) drop the subject... although shot placement is the key in the "heat of the moment". The 9mm just not knock them off their feet as a .45 will without the need for the accuracy of well placed shots. The .45 will knock you down even if you are hit in the finger.

    Bravo is correct... a .357 Sig is a .40 necked to a 9mm, roughly. The .357 Sig is meant to shoot through (not in the open) barricades to the subjects. While it does not have the knock down power of the .45, it sure has its' applications. Even coming through a barricade, I wouldn't want to be at the opposite "business" end a .357 Sig... you've gotta figure it's starting to slow down then... and still has the speed and lethality of it's larger competitors.

    I own a .357 Sig in the XD platform... a very flat, hot shooter, especially with Federal 125 grain JHP's. This will shoot through most things a .45 will not. My Sig Sauer P229 Equinox in .40 is my regular platform in Speer 165 grain GDHP.

    I'd say... in my own personal humble opinion that the .45 is the better of the two, all things considered with the exception of a barricaded subject.
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    Good points Larry.

    I'd like to add, that if you're in a situation where you have to use a concealed weapon, and your target barricaded himself, it might be a good idea to run.

    The first step in gun fights is to not get into one...at least that's the safest way to do it :D
  6. Very true... there was an account of an off-duty police officer using a .357 Sig in a defensive posture (could not escape to cover) and was able to shoot through the barricade and kill the attacker... here is another example from another shooter...

    The .357 Sig, according to all tests so far, exceeds the .45acp.

    Proponents of the ":slow and heavy" camp (which is slowly becoming extinct due to constant proof that fast and light works) will argue this point, but the hi-energy, hi-velocity, deep penetrating .357 Sig is all around a better cartridge, especially for cops.

    Texas DPS was not happy with the .45 and they are very happy with the .357 Sig. Texas DPS gives many accounts of the .45 failing them, and that is why they went to the .357 Sig, which is giving them much better results.

    They tell an account of one shooting involving a new trooper with a .357 Sig and an older trooper with a .45. They were shooting at a man in a truck cab who was shooting at them. The .45 could not penetrate the truck cab and was worthless is stopping the bad guy. The .357 Sig went through and killed the perp, and the round is credited with saving their lives. Those were their exact words, so I am not hyping up the story.

    So far there have been several shootings with the departments using the .357 Sig and they claim that it has that "lightning shock" effect when it hits the bad guy. They crumple down instantly. This is no surprise since the round is designed after the legendary .357 Magnum, but it actually more powerful from the standard carry platform. Of course the .357 Sig is going to work, and so far it has a stellar record on the street for putting bad guys down quick, according to the agencies using it.

    I would not want to get hit with any of them, but the .357 Sig is a superior round and I predict we will see it become very well respected in coming years. There is no more powerful mutant killer out of a compact gun than the .357 Sig. If you can carry a bigger gun, then the 10mm might be a good choice. There is no reason that the 10mm did not catch on more except that people are wimps and the recoil is too much. One of the fast and light 10mm loads like a 155gr load will deliver twice the energy and devastation of a .45, and give good barrier penetration without over penetrating flesh.

    The 125gr .357 Sig moves out of my Glock 32 at just under 1450fps, having a very high likelihood of full expansion due to the extreme velocities, meanwhile penetrating a perfect amount of depth (about 15" of gelatin) and delivering up toward 600 foot pounds of energy (which, according to real cops shooting real people, seems to make people "feel" the hit more and drop faster like getting kicked in the gut, which is what they call the "lightning strike" effect of the .357 Mag. Officers say that when they hit people with this high energy round, that the person reacts like they were hit with a "shock", rather than low energy rounds that tend to allow pumped up bad guys to keep going and not realize they have been hit until they bleed out. No doubt blood loss is what ultimately stops people, but real shootings tell us that high energy round have a more dramatic effect like getting a kick in the guts that tends to make people crumple over and cease their actions)

    The .40 is also an excellent round, and I tend to use the .40 around the house where I want less barrier penetration. But, when I go out, I use the .357 Sig because it is a better overall package, especially for cops who often need to shoot through barriers but still get outstanding performance in flesh.
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    No bullet is going to physically knock you down.

    SOF guys primarily carry .45 because it is easier to suppress without loosing lethality.
  8. SOF guys primarily carry .45 because it is easier to suppress without loosing lethality...

    ... and has better knock-down characteristics.
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    Call its lethality an added bonus ;).
  10. without it, what's the point? lol...
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    Hey, thanks for that info. A few gun shows ago I was talking to a SIG rep who was there. Real nice guy and I was looking at a 357SIG automatic pistol. He kept telling me it would also shoot .40 so I can put .40s in it for cheaper ammo. I never figured out how that quite worked until I read your post.

    So, does anyone know if that is true or was that guy just blowing smoke out his ---?
  12. You can shoot a .40 out of a .357 Sig and vice-versa... you just need to change out the barrel.

    Bar-Sto Precision Machine
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    Hmm, this guy was making it sound like I didn't have to change out the barrel. he said it just shot both.

    Never fired a 357SIG, but I got to admit I do like some of the SIG pistols. I was looking at a P229 for while.
  14. I own a Sig Sauer P229 Equinox in .40 ... great gun.

    I also own a Springfield Armory XD in the .357 Sig ... great gun also.

    You can't go wrong with a Sig or either caliber, IMHO.
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    That is what I was looking at actually. I want to buy a .40 and the HK is just slightly too expensive.
  16. The HK USP40 is not bad... a bit boxy. I used to own one before trading it for the Sig. I've never looked back.
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    Hmm, I was looking at the USP 40 compact actually. Unfortunately HK doesn't have a range plan so none of the ranges around me rent them. They do rent SIGs though, and every SIG I have fired so far I have liked. I agree they are great guns.
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    Wouldn't be one I guess. lol
  19. They are pricey... but well worth it. I had a standard Sig P229 years ago and sold it to a friend who needed a sidearm for a new PD job... and regretted it immediately and ever since... which is why I bought the current model (229 Equinox) and I will never get rid of one again.
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    If you try to force a .40cal bullet through a .36cal barrel wierd things may happen,none of them nice.Dont worry tho,you cant chamber .40,s in a .357sig,which really isnt a .357,its a .355.Also,the faster you can get the bullet going the better bullet action and more released energy. sam.