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.358x51 to .358x45 wildcat

Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by jeff49, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. jeff49

    jeff49 G&G Newbie

    how hard would it be to do this calibre? does it already exist?

  2. jeff49

    jeff49 G&G Newbie

    thanx jim.looking for new ar15 cal.
  3. DWFan

    DWFan Handgunner

    Since the .358 Win is a .308 based case, will it work in the AR-15?
  4. jeff49

    jeff49 G&G Newbie

    .358 wildcat

    in theory, i'll let you know
  5. Well,

    in the world of wildcatting probably this has been tried by someone.

    If you wish to go this route please work with professionals in terms of
    calculating the rate of rifling twist for the weight bullet you wish to use, pressure levels, custom barrel makers, etc.

    Wildcatting should be a well thought out scientific endeavor even though the name implies a sort of wild abandon rushing into the unknown.

    Best wishes and keep safety first.
  6. DWFan

    DWFan Handgunner

    Actually, it would be about halfway between the stock .308 and the BenchRest Remington's and slightly larger than the Russian 9.3x39mm. He could probably use a .357 AutoMag forming die and make it just about any length he wants.
    To be honest, it sounds like a .35 Remington.
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  7. Exactly! The 35 Rem has a case length of about 48mm. It is bottle-necked and rimless. Pressure may be a problem in an AR, because the bolt face would have to be increased a bit up from the 5.56 round.
  8. They offer 243 Win, 260Rem, 7mm-08, 284Win, 308Win "Match", 35Rem, 300Savage, 257Roberts, 358Win, 300SAUM, 325WSM, 6.5 Creedmore and a few more rifles on the AR platform.

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  9. DWFan

    DWFan Handgunner

    If you want .35 Remington ballistics in an AR-15, use the 6.8 SPC bolt and magazines and make a rimless .357 Herrett from .30 or .32 Remington brass. If you want to use .35 Remington rifle bullets and stay within the limits of the AR-15 operating length, you might try a rimless version of the .30 Herrett with the neck expanded for .357" bullets. It would look something like this....

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  10. Twitch2120

    Twitch2120 G&G Evangelist

    no, you need an AR10. if you want a .30 out of an AR15 you need a .300 blk or 762x39.
  11. Inthesouthwoods

    Inthesouthwoods G&G Regular

    Hey Jeff, do a google search on the 358 wssm and the 35 Gemlin. These rounds were wildcatted in Indiana because the hunting laws were changed for rifles. I think you'll find what you are looking for and maybe some load data also.