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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Sep 24, 2002.

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    I've seen hunting rifles and even the Steyer Scout offered in this caliber. Anyone read about it or maybe even fire it?

    I've read that the idea started with Jeff Cooper idea for a 35 caliber cartridge, but that they used .375 Caliber bullets to comply with some African countries' minimum caliber laws of 375. The case is a bit smaller than 375 H&H, but larger than some of the smaller magnums.

    When I first saw rifles advertised I thought it would be based on the 30-06 or 308, but the base seems just a little bit bigger. Apparently the scout in that caliber is totally based on the design of the 308 model, but the mags are definitely larger and apparently the action is too.
    It seems like it would make a good grizzley gun, not too powerful, but powerful enough.
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    oh nooooooo!!!!! not the grizzly gun again!! personally i dont think you'll see the 376 around for too long, its been out for a couple of years now and hasn't really caught on.

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    CDNN has a Scout in that caliber for just under a grand, and a ProHunter for $500.
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    I think Americans used to have more interest in that kind of thing a while ago. I think the 376 Steyer blends the power of a big bore with the precision of modern cartridges. Kind of what the 300 Ultra did to the Weatherby, except the 376 being a bit less powerful. I wonder how it recoils. I wouldn't mind having and shooting one, but don't forsee myself aquiring one any time soon.