38-55 Target Model at the range.

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    This is my second attempt to post this message. I screwed up the first one, so if both come through, please accept my apologies.

    I have had my TM for about two years now, and finally got around to shooting it for the first time yesterday. My friend DT, who was shooting with me, is ordering one for himself now. What a sweetheart this rifle is.

    The rifle: No iron sights of a suitable nature locally, so I mounted my old Noske 2 1/2 Power (?) scope in Weaver rings and base.
    The scope is 7/8" diameter, post reticle, and is mounted ahead of the hammer. The scope has plenty of eye relief for this and just looks right with that old blued steel scope. Also did a thumb pressure trigger job and called it good.

    The loads: RCBS 275 grain cast, gas checked bullet with Alox lube. Very old Remington 9 1/2 primers, so old they are in paper wrapped boxes with match stick dividers. OAL is 2.240". 20 round with 7.2 grains Red Dot and 50 rounds with 32.0 grains RL15.

    Started shooting a 0700, clear skies, almost dead calm. The Red Dot loads keyholed at 30 yards and would not all hit a 2'x2' target board. Ah, but the RL15 now, that was different.

    At 30 yards, I would get two in the same hole and one just far enough away to say it was a different hole. So, I backed the target to 100 yards, and started there. I couldn't hold well with the post in the center of the target and switched to a six o'clock hold. Got groups of 1 1/4", 2 1/4", and 2 1/4". I plinked away the rest of the rounds, hitting whatever I wanted to shoot at, pretty much.

    The best thing though, was minimal lube star, and zero leading. I used one patch wet with Ed's Red, one patch dry, and the bore shines!

    Mmmm, this post has been kind of long. Does the moderator mind this?

    Luck to all,