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.38 Special +P+ in Ruger KSP 321

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by zuskav, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. I am an owner of two Ruger revolvers - KSP 321 and GP 141. Can I use .38 Spl +P+ in my SP 101? Manual allows explicitly only 38 Spl, 38 Spl +P and 357 Magnum. For GP 100 even 38 Spl +P+ is allowed. Where is a difference?
  2. OK- I'll plead ignorance here. Industry standard for .38 spl is 17000 psi; industry standard for .38 spl +P is 20000 psi. Can someone explain +P+? Is such commercial ammo available? Is it supposed to give higher velocities than .357 mag at 35000 psi? Someone please educate me.

  3. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor


    All SP-101 variants in .38/.357 can handle .357 mag pressure without a problem. So .38+p+ is fine. Many individuals were reaming the cylinders of the SP-101 .38's to fire 110gr. and 125gr. .357 mag. back when Ruger only offered a .38 special. SP-101 in the late '80's.
    Great little revolvers huh? I love mine!

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  4. Thanks for answers. Yes, 38 Spl +P+ is available as commercial ammo, for instance Cor Bon with pressure 26000 psi, but I personally have not seen any. Of course even +P+ cannot give higher velocity than 357 Mag. But, let me repeated my question:
    Ruger manual allows 38 Spl +P+ for GP 100, but NOT for SP 101, even though it allows 357 Mag. I do not know the reason. I suppose there are at least two factors in play - thickness of chamber walls and a gradient of pressure after initiation. But it is only my guess. So it remains a mystery.
    I fully agree that SP 101 is quite excellent revolver, accurate, reliable and moreover, very nice a piece of stainless steel (a bit heavy, I must admit).
  5. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    Actually here in the states the Cor-bon .38sp ammo is listed +p, although it is loaded to +p+ ballistics. The whole +p+ .38 sp story began as a round police departments could use at close to .357mag ballistics without the "magnum" name which in some cities could serve as "politically incorrect" (please)... I know S&W had their 640 Centennnial .38sp rated to +p+ for a short time before pulling that rating due to liability. A short time later they released the 640-1 in .357mag.

  6. BigJake

    BigJake G&G Regular

    This could be far off target but bare with me. Possibly if the information you have obtained is from one read source. The information submitted for the sp and the info submitted for the Gp could have either been seperately handed in or just updated insufficiently.
    furthermore, if you own a Gp and an Sp and are reading the manuals, check the dates of manufacture on each. one could have been during the 38+p+ kaboom or after and deemed irrelevent. possibly even before.
    I think it will shoot the heck out of it no problem.
    but if you feel differently it is better to be safe than un.
  7. BigJake,
    thanks for sound suggestion, but I do not know if reality fits into it. My manual for SP 101 is dated July 1999 and for GP 100 September 2000. What do you say on it?
    Because in Czech republic market there is no 30 Spl +P+ I cannot use it even if I want. But my question was giuded also by a possibility for reloading.