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    ok this is what i'm trying to ind out a .380 would be a good summer gun where the guy is wearing a t-shirt the 9mm is for a summer gun where the guy is wearing just a bit more and the .45 is a show stopper in the summer. but lets put in the winter months when peeps are wearing them thick jackets and heavy under shirts i seen .45's get hung up in the clothing and never nake it to the torso now the 9mm will punch hrough all of it and penetrate the torso never tried the .380. so is it safe to say that the best roundin the winter is a 9mm or a faster moving round?., me i carry a .45 in the summer and a 9mm in the winter. i don't wanna throw in any .44's or 357's because we all know tey will punch through just about anything so lets leave them out and concentrate on the 3 i llisted. any feed back will be aprecieated
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    .45 cal fmj will punch through what ever you are wearing in the winter. And as a 9mm may or may not expand, a .45 will never shrink.

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    I would still prefer to have my .45 in winter, as I just dont see clothing, even heavy clothing stopping a bullet...besides , the head is unprotected always !
  4. Well,

    there is always the opportunity for heated discussion concerning these rounds so I will just say I am a .45 ACP person all the way when it comes to the calibers you mentioned.
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    They all make holes.

    At 7 yds, a .380 will go through a heavy coat, two layers of clothing, a 3/8" plywood plank and out the back, I've already tried it.. If you aren't sure about penetrating power of the .380 in the wintertime? Aim for the face. At that distance, if you can't hit the face, stop complaining and get more practice. At seven yards, the .380 at minimum will go into the skull and rattle around, scrambling the brain like eggs.

    The 9mm or .45 would be a better choice, but for small women and children, the .380 seems to be more controllable.

    Don't forget, the .22 has killed more people than any other caliber in this country.
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    Well a .380 is a 9mm in a shorter cartridge and travels SLOWER. A .45 ACP travels between 800-1000 Ft/s. A .380 ACP Travels no faster than 1000 ft/s where as a 9mm depending on the bullet travels from 1000-1400 ft/s definetly what i would want if your looking for penetrating power..
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    A 9mm doesn't to expand to kill. A 9mm hole through a heart or a brain is plenty enough hole whereas A .45 or even .50 caliber hole through the pinky isn't, if you get my drift.
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    You can get small pocket carry .380s like the Kel Tec or the Ruger LCP or you can get compact sized .380ACP frames like the Sig P232, Walther PPK, or the beretta 84.

    Likewise you can get full sized, compact, and subcompact 9mm and .45ACPs framed guns.

    So it doesnt really matter in the end. Pick the caliber you are comfortable (the biggest one that you can shoot the fastest, most accurately, and practice with) and pick the sized frame you want to carry and coordinate with the way you want to dress.
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    Doesn't matter. I aim for the face and do a triplet. a .380 round up your nose is going to stop an attack immediately.
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    no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The .380 is commonly refereed to the minimum caliber one should use for self defense. It will work fine if the vitals are hit. The 9mm and the .45 will perform better in the penetration arena. Like others have stated as long as you are able to hit the vitals with what ever you are using you will be fine. Now this is my opinion to shooting the head. The head is a fast and always moving even at 7 yards(21ft) hitting the head in a high stress situation like a self defense scenario. This is why the center mass shot is stressed. It's a larger target and even in stressfull situations you are more likely to hit it. Again this is only my opinion. Practice how you may but remember you are responsible for every shot fired.
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    I think all 3 of these calibers would penetrate through any clothing that is not reinforced with some kind of body armor.
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    :yup: Yup this is a real thread that has about as many mistaken ideas as it has good advice.

    It is true that a 380 up the nose will stop agression at once! However how is that more effective that a 45 slug up the nose? :dead1:

    The 9mm is a fine chambering because it can be carried in a smaller handgun, but it simply doesn't have the kentic energy of the large bore 45 ACP. You don't have to worry about any of the three suggested getting through clothing on less there is a ballistic vest under it, and in that case no pistol will get through. However in the case of the ballistic vest the bigger the bullet the more energy the perp takes. All that is needed with any of them, is a change of bullet type for summer or winter, as far as clothing goes. :nervous:

    The head target is not a very good target in a combat sittuation. Center of body mass is the target, it is larger, it is full of things that if punctured will render the Perp helpless in short order. Now if you can see that the perp is wearing a vest, then the target is either the head or the lower torso below the belt, and the last choice is far easier than a head shot. A shot in the lower belly is not only leathal, but very painfull, and takes the fight out of the toughest perp. It is far easier to center as well.

    Speaking of hitting small targets, that is easy for a good shooter when he is shooting at a paper target, but it ain't so easy when that target is shooting back at you as well. I can hit your belt buckel from fifty feet every shot from any of my carry handguns, but if you are shooting back, I'd be lucky to hit YOU anywhere 3 out of 5 shots. :eek5:

    I carry a 1911 45ACP compact carry pistol all the time, I have pistols from .22 to 411 JDJ and the 1911 offers power, compactness, and is easily concealed. I have a little double actioned Beretta, 32 Auto Tom cat that I carry as a little back-up in a pocket holster if I'm in a bad area. The 1911 45 has a round in the chamber, magazine full, and two more full mags also concealed on my weak side. When traveling I have a full size 1911 45 with full patch ammo in it one in the chamber, and 7 down. in my driver's side door, for the off chance of a road rage attack. The ammo will penetrate the door of an attacking car when I shoot back, and my wife has been told in that case to reach over and get my carry gun so in case I'm hit she can protected herself.

    A fire fight is not a game, and the mistake you make will not be just an inconvience, but may very well cost you your life! The Rambo :rambo: attitude may get you in the lock-up for a long time, or a member of your family killed. :dead1: Your best protection in the end is the gray matter between your ears, but it is no good to you if you don't load it with good desisions!

    ............................................. :usa2:
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    Actually a 9mm does have the Kinetic Energy of the .45 Acp Depends on the load. They are actually **** near even for the lighest load for each the .45 Acp 165 gr (10.7 g) Federal Premium Low Recoil JHP has 412 ft·lbf And the 9mm 7.45 g (115.0 gr) FMJ has 420 ft·lbf But in the middle loads the .45 has the 9mm beat out by a fair margin. But then again in the heaviest loads the 9mm takes the edge again. So to say the 9mm doesn't have the energy of a .45acp flat out isn't true it depends on the load....Look it up on Wikipedia they have it all.
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    I think DUGABOY means to say that the bigger and heavier slug fired from the .45 is going to have more "oomph" when it strikes the target, which I agree with, it isn't always about paper ballistics.
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    Thats what I figured but I originally was talking about Penetrating power...Not stopping power a .45 would definetely have more oomph. But for penetration Im gonna stick with the 9mm.
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    ya know my standard duty round is a 9mm and it has 434 ft/lbs . I think that works . . .
    the simple fact is, if you get hit center mass its going to do its job.
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    In any firefight, the person that gets shot starts to reconsider their situation. If you get shot with a 22, 9mm, 380, or 45.... the pain will snap you into reality that you don't want to get shot again.

    I would say the caliber is irrelevant in this situation. You should always purchase the gun that will be light enough to carry, fit your hand, and have the capacity of ammo you want. A hammerless double action such as a glock may give you the cleanest possible draw from under clothing. A gun that is too small or too big for your hand will not perform to your expectation. If you get a small 5 or 6 shot capacity, you may find yourself outgunned.

    Someone in our car group used the analogy to explain torque and horsepower, and I think it applies to energy and muzzle velocity. The original explanation is horsepower is how fast you get to a wall, torque is how far you go through it. I'm sure you can see the connection. I prefer the 45 because that is the gun I chose to purchase.