3D Printed SKS Chassis from Pearce Armoury

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    I have no idea what to think of this, BUT kinda looks like a FNFAL. Marketing for Canada, it looks like.
    "The latest news is that Pearce will be offering their own line of SKS-7 rifles in the Spring, theoretically fitted with an ILS out of the box. They are discussing the potential for a larger run of CNC aluminum versions of the chassis, but right now the 3D one-offs are all that’s available to the public."
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  2. animalspooker

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    Good looking rifle. Seems as thought I've seen something that looks familiar to it.

  3. dogzebra

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    Interesting manufacturing exercise, but I'd rather have a FAL.
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  4. Cyrano

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    New York
    Why does everyone want to take a simple, elegant rifle and make it into a fouled-up copy of the worst rifle ever manufactured in quantity? Plus which, it's illegal in the Peoples Democratic Republic states that classify guns by features.

    I wish we could lay our hands on some of those $200 SKSes and $400 ST-40s our Canadian brethren have north of the border, though.
  5. Big Dog

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    I hope and pray President Trump will kill that stupid ban on Chinese guns and ammo. We The People need a "Marstar" type importer here.
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    New York
    I'd love to lay my hands on one of the Norinco M-14 semi-auto-onlies, Big Dog. They got good reviews in Gun Tests and the one time I had a chance to handle one it handled beautifully. And of course I would like my very own Type 54 Chinese Tokarev. And I read about a bullpup type AK that the ChiComs used to train student militias back in the 1990s that is supposed to be pretty interesting.
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  7. Big Dog

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    I have my Chinese surplus "Psuedo-Sino Soviet" SKS, has all proper Russian-style features, except the serial.
    I have two Norinco .22LR bolt rifles, one their Mauser TU-KKW clone on a BRNO-clone receiver. Both are uncannily good shooters!
    Had a Norinco SKS at one time, but sold it.
    My experience with Chinese guns has been very positive.
    Been looking at the various ideas of SKS Bullpups. Might build my own one day.
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    Not to mention 922r. THAT will make most European firearms prices drop as well.
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  9. jwrauch

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    I was fortunate to get my hands on a Century M14S back when I was working at the pawnshop. The owner had an $800 price tag on it and I traded several mausers for it. Dollars and cents wise I lost a little $$ but to me it was worth it. I've lusted after an M1A and being semi-retired this was my only shot at one. I scoped it and its a tack driver . Shoots as good as an out of the box M1A if not better !! JR
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  10. fteter

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    Got two SKS rifle already: a beater Type 56 and an unissued Yugo 59/66 A1 (some folks would say I overpaid for the Yugo, but she's soooo doggone pretty). So the 3D printer version doesn't really do much for me. Now the Norinco M-14...yeah, I would not pass up an opportunity to buy one of those!
  11. Ten Man

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  12. gsbuickman

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    interesting possibly, however I would definitely have to pass in favor of a Norinco M14 as well. I've been a huge fan of the A-Team TV series since I was a kid and I've always wanted an M14 in my collection but what really pizzes me off are the overly exorbitant price tags Ruger is hanging on their mall ninja M14 line, not to mention the fact they discontinued the mini Ranch with the nice Wood stock in favor of all this plastic crap.


    I don't ask for much, I'm easy to please, and I'd be happy with an 80's stainless mini Ranch Inn the wood stock, that's not too much to ask and it's certainly nothing fancy. In the meantime all the mall ninja molested M14 plastic garbage makes me sick.

    with that being said, hold on to your hats. I just looked on our local buy sell trade gun website, and I found this molested 1982 model stainless Mini-14 in a crappy ramline stock. it comes with 3 stainless magazines 4 black magazines and a soft sided rifle bag and he wants $1,000 FIRM for it :eek:.


    Idk about you but that really makes me sick. The kicker is, the mini 14 isn't even a surplus rifle just a production knockoff and that's the only reason I haven't acquired one yet. I can think of a number of milsurp rifles I would rather have over a Mini-14 and I can get them for less than this.
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