3rd MN in 5 weeks

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Hog Red, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Hog Red

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    NW AR
    1937 Tula
    1943 Izzy
    1946 Izzy M44
    I'm going to my first MA meeting next week. Mosinitis Anonymous
    I am not responsible for my actions, this forum made me do it. LOL

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  2. Iron_Colonel

    Iron_Colonel G&G Enthusiast

    Congrats! Looks like a brass endcap on one of those handguards too.

  3. Congrats. Good looking collection so far. Sounds like my first 3, only my Tula is a 40 in a lammy.
  4. ChaZam

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    See there Hog Red, you just have to feed the addiction.
  5. Hog Red

    Hog Red G&G Addict

    NW AR
    you are correct, and you have good eyes. did think it was kind of odd to have brass endcaps on a wartime piece. how can you tell if a stock is original to the gun or can you?
  6. Hog Red, I think you misunderstand the "MA" part of the MA meeting. It stands for "Mosin Aquisition" meeting where folks like us get together. This is just the on-line version of it and look what THAT's already done to you!

    Nice looking rifles in that picture, BTW....
  7. frenchy

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    Oh yea Hog Red fine start yer off an running now! Give Blood, have yard sales, work over time, sell door to door, :laugh::laugh: :biglaugh::biglaugh: yer one sick puppy er
    ah i mean piglet, stop all vices waste of Mosin money :yup:
  8. Iron_Colonel

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    Well, it would usually be pretty safe to presume that a war time rifle probably wouldn't have brass endcaps on the handguard. You never know. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a war time gun with them, but it is rather doubtful.

    As far as finding out original stock to the gun? Nearly impossible as most of the 91/30s didn't have serials matched to the gun. But, you can tell what period the stock comes from by the sling slot escutcheons. Pre-war, wartime, and post-war stocks are identified as follows:

    Pre-war stocks have screw in metal sling slot escutcheons front and rear.

    Wartime stocks have no rear sling slot escutcheons, just a slot cut in the butt of the stock, and the front sling slot has a metal liner with two small tabs facing down to reinforce the stock.

    Post-war stocks (and possibly late wartime stocks) have pressed in sling slot escutcheons both front and rear, or are laminated stocks. All laminated stocks are post war manufacture with pressed in sling slot escutcheons.

    I have seen a few examples of mixed sling slot escutcheons, which was probably done at a re-arsenal at some point with leftover materials or something of the like.
  9. Hog Red

    Hog Red G&G Addict

    NW AR
    thanks for all the info guys and the moral support.
  10. texnmidwest

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    Very nice collection!
  11. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Or should we say very nice START for his collection?
  12. I started the same way with almost the same rifles. Nice M44, never seen Mosin wood so bright.