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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Shaun, Apr 10, 2002.

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    well in 4 hours I am out of here and headed home to start packing tomorrow I get to drive to the smokie's for the pig hunt on Friday and Sat. I'll hopefully have some great pictures come Monday for you guys to look at of some nice pigs

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    Have fun shuan.

    Did you hear that they cracked a 4 yo case on the AT. In VA t girls were found bound and murdered. It is now believed the guy did it bc they were lesbians. They have a man in custody.

  3. Pigs????? Pigs as in wild pigs???? Pigs as in a variant of a domestic pig or pig in the sense of a variant of the rodent rat????

    If it's the later I'll just set out traps and dang sure won't eat the meat, lol.
  4. Shaun

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    Well I'm back and we didn't get to see anything except a lot of sign from what I found out stand hunting is not very successful in that reason but the guide like me and my buddy so much he told us we have a free hunt coming this fall -- and he says we will get a couple of hogs then when he can use the dogs
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    Shaun: I had more luck killing a pig a bunch of years ago when I lived on a Kansas farm. My dad said, "Now's the time you learn how to butcher a hog." After getting a 55 gal. barrel of scalding water ready to put the carcus in we pinned the fat pig up and dad said to aim the 22 rifle where the imiginary X would be between the eyes and ears. Bam! One shot and off to the scalding water we took him. Didn' take long to get the hang of scraping off the wiry hairs and then degutting the carcus. Eventually we cut it in quarters and salted everything down before hanging it in a storage building for the winter to cure.

    Now that was a lesson I'll never forget. I suppose wild boar butchering would be done somewhat the same way except it's probably taken to a professional butcherer and kept in a deep freezer.

  6. Shaun

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    actually its handled like you would a deer gut it, hang it, skin it, cut it up
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    Shaun: Forgot one thing in my description of butchering the pig...As soon as it was shot we cut it's juggler vein to drain the blood. As a 15 yr old boy at that time, that was something I never forgot.

    My dad thought everything we did on the farm was supposed to be some sort of "lesson." Funny thing...my kids tell me the same thing because I found myself doing the same thing with them. That was the old way of learning things, I suppose.