40 Cal Comeback? Gen5 GLOCK G22, G23 And G27 Have Arrived

Discussion in 'Glock' started by K75RT, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. The 165 Ranier plated bullet can be run relatively tame, nice in short barreled pistols for practice similar to hotter .45 Auto loads at about 900'/s; Or it can be run hard at 1100+ with proper powder...may need to do some recoil spring adjustments but the .40SW is pretty versatile, imho
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  2. mrmike7189

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    I never left the 40. I prefer to carry a 9mm or a 380, but my home defense guns are all 40S&W.
    I have a pair of rugers a P944 pistol & a PC4 carbine, They share mags &ammo. Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 6.49.11 PM.png Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 7.20.51 PM.png
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  3. Ranger4

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    Ballistic tables normally use a 5 inch barrel for 45 acp rounds and a 4 inch barrel for 40SW and 9mm. If you use 4 inch barrels for all of them the 40 and 45 are pretty much the same. And with the 135 grain self defense ammo the 40 is pretty much on par with the proven short barrel 357 mag rounds.

    Personally, I like the standard 180 grain hollow point at about 1,000 fps. Going to expand a little bit and go deep. Not too bad recoil and lots of momentum. Works for me.
  4. ChaZam

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    Except Rainer went out of business about 1-1/2 years ago.
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    But on the subject of the 40 S&W, I had a 4006 S&W ex California Highway Patrol pistol that I still regret using in a trade for another firearm. I should have found a way to keep both. It was inexpensive, reliable, accurate, nice trigger, numerous ammo choices available for it, very manageable recoil; what's not to like about all of that.
  6. noelekal

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    I'm late to the .40 S&W club, only having first acquired one in 2014. I'd long admired .40 S&W (and 10mm) though. It's the 9mm cartridge that I have little use for. I really don't believe in 9mm and its supposedly high tech performance bullet designs.

    I'm up to three .40 S&W pistols, having picked up a .40 Hi Power only this week. The other two are a .40 Smith & Wesson Shield and a Colt Government Model Enhanced in .40 S&W.

    The .40 Hi Power is the result of a want I've had since the Hi Power was introduced in that cartridge.
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  7. TACAV

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    it was never the "holy grail"..

    The FBI adopted it because they were to stupid to admit their mistakes (lack of training and pizz poor tactics) and blamed an object (guns and caliber)... from the Miami massacre... if those agents had 40 watt phased plasma rifles, things would have pretty much gone the same way.

    But the FBI couldnt swallow their pride and went to the 10mm and then the .40 and then all the LE agencies went the same because nobody can think for themselves.

    LE agencies have been and still are (for the past 3-4 years) trending towards 9mm or .45 ACP.

    Other calibers like .357 Sig, and .45 GAP which were popular in the LE community have also been (and still are) also getting ditched in mass as well.

    Both the US Secret Service and the Federal Air Marshals both ditched the .357 Sig round and have gone to 9mm as being two recent examples.

    There are far more LE agencies going FROM .40 than going too it.

    .40 is still a viable self defense round and if people like it or carry it, cool. but more and more people are seeing it for what it is.. a zero calorie diet 10mm light that ends up being a compromise round between 9mm or .45 and they choose one or the other depending on their taste.

    Despite that though lots of LE agencies still carry the .40 just because thats what they have been carrying and the .40 is still highly in use... there is also a .40 cal shortage (on top of the rest of the ammo shortage)....

    LE/ government agencies get prioritized ammo order purchasing from the major distributors... currently .40 cal is significantly harder to find than either 9mm or .45 ACP. Where I work we have back orders going back several months that are still not filled for thousands of rounds.

    We have one order for 10,000 rounds of .40.... that might sound like a lot... but that goes by quick.... when you have a large agency and who has to do state mandated minimal firearms training... even doing the bare minimum.... 10k rounds wont go far.... in fact.. that will barely cover sending a small batch of new hires through the academy for initial firearms training.

    Hence why when conspiracy theorists post links to open source public federal government contracts where they are ordering hundreds of thousands or millions of round of ammo and trying to make the case that the government is hoardring all the ammo cause they think a civil war or some crap is coming ... I roll my eyes and laugh...

    That ammo will just cover yearly training for the several thousand people they have.

    The NYPD has give or take 38,500 cops... if each one used four 50 round boxes of ammo a year (and thats like nothing and im sure its way more than that cause they have swat guys and everything else they have to do) but even if they only shot 200 rounds a year... that's still 7.7 million rounds of ammo every year.... and again... that figure is probably waaaay low from what it really is.
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  8. TXplt

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    I obviously would beg to differ (I like the .40 and it DOES have considerably more thump than my 9mm's; I carry both depending on where I am--and shoot it pretty much the same as my 9's which are admittedly cheaper to shoot--or at least were before the ammo run happened). But I like Coke Zero too.

    And if I'm doing the war on steel plates, the .40 hits them noticeably harder while my friends (or me I if I'm shooting the 9 that day) might need a couple hits with their 9 that day to do the same thing I am with one hit by the .40.

    The ten IS a better round; then again due case length I've found it more prone to misfeed under bad environmentals from time to time; never had that problem with the .40 (and to be candid hasn't been a huge big deal in the G20 when shooting higher power ammo; the RMR could be a factor too with the derated 10mm ammo). And if I go to a smaller Glock in the 10, I do lose some of the oomph of the ten; enough to me at least to think the .40 is a better deal if I'm heading in that direction.

    So to me the .40 seems just right (at least when I'm in a situation which allows the carry of my VP-40 and I don't need something smaller). Kind of a goldilocks thing I guess.

    But we probably could ping the caliber ball back and forth all night lol.
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  9. TACAV

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    lol I knew you would respond haha

    I know you love your .40 cal VP40.

    In fact I put this sentence in my last post just for you TXPlt :p

    It is a viable round. Not saying it doesn't get the job done. Im just saying I dont think its the "Holy Grail" of calibers... nor would I call either 9mm or .45ACP the holy grail of calibers either.
  10. Ranger4

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    The 4006 and all third generation SW semi autos were great guns. I have the 915 and regret I never got one in 40. The aluminum frame made them much more comfortable for carry. Glock killed the marketing of that design. I still carry it now and again and leave the plastic guns home. At the time I had a Marlin Camp 9, they took the same magazines so that was a plus.
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  11. mrmike7189

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    The Marlin Camp 9 used S&W 5900/6900series double stack magazines. Even the factory Marlin mags were exact copies of a S&W mag hard to tell the difference?This one is a Marlin 20 rounder Screenshot 2019-12-30 at 12.41.28 PM.png
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  12. mrmike7189

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    Love the Camp Carbine!
  13. blaster

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    ^one of the many great guns I wish I had bought when I had the chance!:rolleyes:
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  14. Mike T

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    I owned a 40 but couldn't hit much with it. A 45 acp, for me is more accurate. So that's what I carry everyday.
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  15. mrmike7189

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    I can relate. I had a glock 22 & a sig P239 both in 40 S&W and had a hard time in the accuracy dept. Hated shooting them. Then I shot a couple full size metal frame 40's a Sig P229 and Ruger P944 and ,man what a difference. I actually enjoyed shooting 40 for the 1st time. The extra weight/heft of a full size metal gun made the difference
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  16. Mike T

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    I like my block 36, 45 acp. Love to shoot it.
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  17. Rex, I was unaware of that, a LGS owner bought a pallet of .40 165gr that some had gotten wet, he tumbled them and they are perfect...I have bought a lot of Ranier 165gr from him...didn't know they were no longer viable...too bad, nice bullets;)
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