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40 cal VS 45 VS 9mm???

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This is an old debate but good to get people stired up....I prefer the 45acp...too many Jeff Cooper articals as a kid I guess. My wife likes her 9mm and I belive with HP and not FMJ this is a good self defense platform.....but Im intrested in the 40 cal...I dont know Jack about the 40 so I'll ask....Is the 40 as good as the 45acp for self defense? Better than the 45? or just some freakey new fly by noght round?
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For carry purposes I carry my Sig 45 but of course depending on my mood I may carry the 9mm or a 40. Now I am not going to get big into this debate but as we all know the 45 is the original man stopper and the other issue we all know is that any well aimed shot will stop the target.
1 - 1 of 146 Posts
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