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40 cal VS 45 VS 9mm???

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This is an old debate but good to get people stired up....I prefer the 45acp...too many Jeff Cooper articals as a kid I guess. My wife likes her 9mm and I belive with HP and not FMJ this is a good self defense platform.....but Im intrested in the 40 cal...I dont know Jack about the 40 so I'll ask....Is the 40 as good as the 45acp for self defense? Better than the 45? or just some freakey new fly by noght round?
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This debate will perhaps live on forever, even this thread is now 8 years old. To me though, its simply personal preference, they all will do the job with a set of hollow points and good shot placement. I wouldn't want to be shot with any of them, would you? To some it comes down to cost of ammo, others its capacity, recoil level, and others its frame size. Popularity also matters I believe- its harder & more expensive to find the other stuff.

I did a lot of research on the top three (9,40,45) for my self-defense needs and I chose the 40 b/c it is a modern American born caliber, designed to offer better terminal performance than the ultra popular 9, widely used & respected by law enforcement, good capacity, uses the same medium frame size as a 9, and ammo cost is in between 9 & 45. In my opinion, I can see the military switching to the 40 someday- it would make good sense. I also like the 45 but I'm one that believes the ancient caliber needs an update that will actually catch on, higher ammo cost is also a factor though... My choice was a Springfield XDM .40 (16+1) w/ 4.5" barrel
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I looked up the numbers of standard pressure Federal ammo(the highest energy of each caliber)and the power rating goes 9mm,.40S&W,.45acp(common sense)Federal 9mm JHP 115gr=356ft lbs.Federal .40S&W Hydrashok 155gr=447ft lbs.Federal .45acp EFMJ 165gr=476 ft lbs.The Buffalo Bore +P ammo has the power levels in the same order also.Their ammo is as follows.9mm +P+115gr=500ft lbs,the .40S&W+P 155gr=582ft lbs,and the .45acp 200gr=639ft lbs.But,lets say you are at home and have 3 guns,a small framed .40S&W,a small framed .45acp,and a full sized 9mm.Let's say the .40 and .45 are small carry guns that you are not supposed to use +P ammo in,but the 9mm is rated for +P+.In that case,the 9mm is the most powerful gun out of the three that you got.9mm's 500 ft lbs vs the .40's 447ft lbs and the .45's 476ft lbs.

Love the accuracy of 9mm over my other larger cal guns. Favorite is Springfield XDSC in 9mm.

Love the accuracy of 9mm over my other larger cal guns. Favorite is Springfield XDSC in 9mm.
After 17 years in LE, my dad's old advice still comes to mind, to end this arguement (imo):

"If you don't need to hide it, and you can hit with it, and are allowed to carry it, get the biggest cannon you can find."

I've had to carry 9mm and .40, only because of department restriction. And, even after that restriction was lifted, I still did only for the simple battlefield rule that you carry what your brothers carry. You don't want to be the only schmuck in a firefight that is out of ammo, because you can't use one of your partners mags.

I can consistantly shoot a 250, on a combat course, with a .45 1911 and G21 so, for me that works. Find the biggest caliber you can consistantly hit with, if concealment is not an issue, again...imo.

I love my 45 ACP, Para P-14. 14+1. It is heavy, though, and is for home defense.

My 40 S&W is so much easier to conceal (G23/27).

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