41 Unlikely Product Endorsements

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    41 Unlikely Product Endorsements

    Unlikely Product Endorsements

    1. Lorena Bobbit: Ginsu steak knives

    2. K.K.K.: Burlington Mills fitted sheets

    3. Hillary Clinton: Merrill Lynch commodities brokerage services

    4. Jeffery Dahmer: A-1 Steak Sauce

    5. Rabbi Liebowitz: Armour Star bacon

    6. Bill Clinton: Century 21 real estate

    7. Rodney King: Panasonic video cameras

    8. Michael Jackson: Sears line of childrens' sleep wear

    9. Dan Quayle: Merriam Webster Dictionary

    10. Spike Lee: Premier Video's Amos 'N Andy Film Marathon

    11. Natalie Wood: Bass Pro Shop life jackets

    12. Dolly Parton: The Wonder Bra

    13. Ralph Nader: Radio Shack Radar Detectors

    14. Helen Keller: Universal Picture's Silent Film Festival

    15. Steven King: Golden Books childrens' books

    16. Mike Tyson: Elesium Field's Sensitivity Training Seminars

    17. Karl Maldon: American Board of Plastic Surgery

    18. NAACP: Tupilo Mississippi Watermelon Festival

    19. John Brady: The Bianca Cup Pistol Competition

    20. Sylvester Stallone: Hollywood Speech Therapy Clinics

    21. Argentine National Rugby Team: Tyson Frozen Foods

    22. Sharon Stone: Hanes Her Way underwear

    23. Brnadon Lee: Remington brand blank pistol cartridges

    24. O. J. Simpson: Isotoner gloves, Buck Knives, or for Broncos

    25. Peewee Herman: London Fog trench coats

    26. Lyle Lovett: Brylcream

    27. George Wallace: The United Negro College Fund

    28. Pope John Paul II: Sex Wax ski products

    29. David Crosby: The "Just Say No" campaign

    30. Tonya Harding: The Club

    31. Stevie Wonder: Sony Watchman

    32. Madonna: Maidenform bras

    33. Mrs. Smith: Playschool infant car seats

    34. Willie Nelson: H & R Block

    35. Joyclin Elders: Eveready Batteries

    36. Buddy Holly: Delta Airlines

    37. Ice T: The Policemens' Benevolent Association

    38. Bob Dole: The Annual World Federation of Arm Wrestling Contest

    39. Tom and Roseanne Arnold: Marriage Encounter

    40. The Society of Friends (Quakers): HBO's Jean Claud Van Damme Film Festival

    41. Sean "Puffy" Combs: Smith & Wesson

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    Dahmer and A-1 steak sauce, thats just wrong man! :D

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    The title is probably correct. (ha)
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    Evel Knievel and the National Association of Traffic Safety.
    Barbara Boxer and Charles Schumer for the Eddie Eagle Program.
    Eddie Kennedy for Lincoln Towncars.
    PETA hosts the "When Animals Attack" video program.