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.410 pattern

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by outdoorsman, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. outdoorsman

    outdoorsman G&G Newbie

    I shoot my .410 with #6 shot, and it's a full choke. The pattern isn't very tight. If I shoot #4 shot, will the pattern be tighter?

  2. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    Can't say for sure...But the Holes will be bigger !!!
  3. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Mooseman you're incredible.This time I spilled my coffee! Outdoorsman:the brand of ammo you use in a shotgun usually has a great bearing on tightness of pattern.Some have the old fashion wads or even power pistons/shotcups that in the first few feet after leaving the muzzle,outrun the shotstring and push the pattern out wide.You may get better pattern with heavier shot because it is harder to push but try different brands until the pattern deminishes.I reload and use a very light shotcup to get good patterns.Also,using a buffer (looks like soap)in the load seems to help.Just try different brands and see if it gets better.>410 is my favorite skeet gun. sam.
  4. pajaro

    pajaro G&G Newbie

    take a couple of old sheets, hang them on the clothesline, stand off about 30 yards, and let fly with both loads..... then compare the patterns.......

    if you're married, better check with the wife first, make sure you get the right sheets.... if you're single, doesn't matter, you can still just wash the sheets and still use them.........
  5. GotCoffee

    GotCoffee G&G Enthusiast

    LMAO! Better not you will be using those sheets in the dog house, I know thats where Id be!
  6. SmallGame2100

    SmallGame2100 Suspended

    Well, what do you need the tightest pattern for?
    Shooting comp?
  7. Barkey42

    Barkey42 G&G Newbie

    I thought .410's are generally patterned at 25 yds. Shooting 2-1/2" vs 3" shells will also make a difference.
  8. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Should the sheets be empty or occupied? sam.
  9. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    To answer your question,if you shoot #4,s compared to 6,s the patern will be the same but not as many bb,s.If you shoot #7.5,s there will be more bb,s.The diammeter of the patern should stay the same. sam.
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