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    I am looking to get one but I don't know where or how makes them.
    I do not want the 410/45 combo. I want just a 410 Pistol.

    Also anyone have one or know anything about them?
  2. Camanche makes one. But it is the combo.

  3. TXplt

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    I don't know anyone who makes these (solely .410). Even if they did, I wonder what would stop someone from chambering .45 colts in it anyway ? Shell's the same diameter, and .410 is much longer than the .45 Colt.

    Why not the 410/.45 combo ? You don't have to load .45 Colts in it. You also can't have a smoothbore pistol--it's against federal law.

    Here's one if you change your mind--It's both .45 and .410 (but you don't have to load it with .45 unless you want):

    Taurus International Manufacturing Inc
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    My brother used to have a .410 boot gun, it was a break-action, single-shot, smoothbore shotgun with about 12"-15" barrel. Wasn't a hack-job, it was a factory made gun from the 1800's, can't remember the make. He sold it at a gun show years ago because it was illegal as hell to own now, I'm sure he got screwed royally on the price, considering the actual value of something like that.
  5. your thinking of the judge made by taurus, it cost around 500
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    Bond Arms Inc. Bond Arms Welcome
    But again, it's .410 and .45 Colt. Just don't put .45 Colt's in it. :burnout:

    American Derringer also.
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  7. Yes I know something about them, they're a bad idea that sounds good to a lot of people who should know better. The widespread appeal of such a useless pairing between a handgun and the .410 is a mystery. It's not good for hunting and other cartridges are better for defense. I don't see it's advantage for any application in a pistol.
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    my grandpa has an old single shot 410 pistol/shotgun thing. the barrel is only about i'd say 4 or 5 inches. due to laws though he doesnt do anything but keep it locked up in his gun safe
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    The .410 pistol is expensive to buy, expensive to shoot due to ammo costs, and rather poor in performance. It's a toy. Most of us like toys, and as long as you're considering it for a toy, you won't be disappointed. As far as performance is concerned, it's not that much better than a Speer shot shell in a 45 or a 44.